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    Who's waiting??

    So, who here has the patience to wait for one of the new tablets with Android 3.0 on it? Personally that's just what I'm going to do. The Xoom looks nice, seems everyone has their eye on that one. Reckon I'll just wait for Android 3.0 and the Xoom before I buy any tablet running Android...
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    Toshiba's New Android Tablet: Tegra 2, Dual Camera, Thin, Perfect

    Hopefully this should be something positive. I've read a couple of articles over the last day that have said Android is or was not ready for the tablet market, however from what I've read regarding Android 3.0 Honeycomb, this new version is specifically geared towards working on a tablet device...
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    Hey chaps, new here on Android Tablets so just figured I'd swing by and say hello. Registered a few days ago but haven't had anything meaningful to say as yet haha :) Hoping to see things develop successfully for the Android tablet market over the coming year, guess we'll just have to wait...