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    Notion Ink Adam, Whats this 'unannounced sensor'

    Hows this for a laugh. Also just thinking about it. Since the transflective version can be used outside then I think it needs solar cells to help charge the battery. Some of those new transparent ones or making up the transflective screen (obvious limitation here though ;)
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    Notion Ink Adam, Whats this 'unannounced sensor'

    Well there is a digital compass according to the site, so phew. As for that unknown sensor.. Those tantalizing descriptions made me think that the camera might also work in infrared, as a camera. Interesting if it is. Can you imagine setting up the camera in a car in foggy weather and...
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    Free Tablet Giveaway!!!!

    Brill, Never thought tablets as a competition giveaway. Tell one tell all :) Just think, I could be viewing Android on the prize giveaway soon... sigh! :D
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    What Tablet are you waiting for?

    Man, its gota be the Notion Ink Adam. Its complete (if it has digital compass, still not sure if it has one or not) but the rest of the specs leave the others standing. Love the new concept and want it even more now they mention about 'solving' the scaling issue of android phone apps. Funny...
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    App Market question

    You need to change your location to Your country or load the 'market' app from a computer up the usb connection that allows you to connect as any countries market. A friend of mine had the same problem till I realised he was not using the correct market app. Check to see if there is another...
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    Notion Ink Adam Galaxy S Tab but... they aint out yet.
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    Installing apps

    THere is an app that means you attach to any countries market, that should work, however it does mean that you need to get that app. you might get it from a non-market site but you will need to enable the unknown source setting in Applications
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    8 Inch Android 2.2 OS Tablet - Freescale Cortex-A8 (Generic)

    What about 3g, GPS and Digital compass, are they in the unit?
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    Elocity A7 Capasative Touch 7" Tab Android 2.2

    Nice, but no 3g, does not mention digital compass or GPS. A must for Android on the move :(
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    Notion Ink Adam, Whats this 'unannounced sensor'

    The track pad on the back will take some getting use to bu thats a known. I was looking at their site last night and thespecifications do not mention a Digital Compass, so I'm more worried that full use of 3d space will be denied the ADAM. Notion Ink - Adam I have e-mailed them to confirm. The...
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    My dream tablet

    I guess I am waiting for a 'phone' with a large screen. For me the anticipated Notion Ink Adam fits the bill and more with the Pixel QI screen. I want the compass and accelerometer, GPS and camera to take full advantage of the world around the tablet. It allows the full freedom of a phone in...
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    Notion Ink Adam, Whats this 'unannounced sensor'

    I keep reading about this unannounced sensor on the Notion Ink Adam and was wondering if anyone knows what it is, it seems to be linked with the camera but I have come up with a few suggestions that might be: Sun exposure sensor; to warn of being in the sun too long because you can. Hands off...
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    Will the Notion Ink Adam tablet have access to the marketplace?

    I do hope it does, looking through all the current specs for the tablets how can so many not get the specs right for a decent tablet. It should have the lot that a smart phone does ! but most seem to have some deficiencies, resistive screen, no gps, no compass, no bluetooth, no 3g, no camera...