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  • Hey!! Thanks for the IM. Of course you would message me about tethering which I don't use;-) I did attempt to tether my 101 to my iPhone and was not able to. I would also add that I tried to connect to other cell phones via bluetooth and could not get that to work either. The other phones were none iPhone devices. It would seem to me that apple products have a tendency to not play well with others. I have a BlackJack II that seems to work just fine with 101. DO you have another phone you could test with other than the iPhone?

    Just joined the Forum to respond to your offer of IM help.

    My Archos 101 arrived last week and I was dismayed to discover it refused to detect my jailbroken iPhone's WiFi hotspot (using the MyWi app), and also failed to detect it as a bluetooth device to pair to.

    It has had no problem detecting and connecting to a work and home wifi network, and conversely, my laptop and two other iPhones had no problem connecting to the WiFi tethering I have set up on my iPhone.

    I have the Android 2.2 firmware installed, so as far as I know it's not something that can be fixed by updating firmware; I put on the newsest firmware myself.

    Any suggestions on how to fix or trouble shoot this would be appreciated. Not being able to tether to my existing portable WiFi is a dealbreaker for me. If I can't fix this soon, I will abandon the Archos platform.

    Which would be a shame, as I'm pretty happy with it otherwise. Great tablet at a great price.
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