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    GPS nav app with stored maps, not online.

    I received my A81E about 2 weeks ago. It is GREAT! I am using the spread sheet a lot and have got the video/movie thing under control. Now I need a GPS Navigation app that stores the maps on my android. I do not have web access while driving. Any suggestions guys and gals?
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    A81E not playing videos

    Well, that was a big failure. But, I saw that you also suggested in another thread the Meridian video player. Meridian has a great tutorial that tells you to down load Super video converter AND how to set it up!!!!! It worked!!!! I am watching the maltese falcon while I am typing this. This...
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    A81E not playing videos

    Thanks for the info, Trying it now.
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    A81E not playing videos

    gurgle, I have down loaded MediaCoder onto my laptup. can you tell me the format that I should use to make the video viewable on my Wits A81E please?
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    A81E not playing videos

    When I try to play a video with APlayer I get the message "Sorry, this video cannot be played". If I use "Video Player", this is the one that came installed on my A81E, it gives me a choice on how to play it "ES Video Player" or "Movies". Both options give me the same "Sorry, this video can not...
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    A81E not playing videos

    Thanks for the replies guys. I can not find Rockx and XYPlayer is pay. It sounds like I need to down load a few and try them out. Is there a down side to downloading, installing then erasing a bunch of software? Will each program leave a little trash on my machine like in windows?
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    A81E not playing videos

    Just got my A81E the other day. The specs for this tablet says that it supports "AVI, MPEG4, MPEG2, WMV, H.264 etc." I have tried to play several AVI's and it always says that it does not support this file type. Do I need to down load a 3rd party video player?
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    Whats the difference between all these different types of Tablets ?

    About organizing the forums: I am also a noob. Would it be possible to have a section called "noob basics" and include step by step instructions for the really basic stuff that all noobs struggle with? A thread on file transfer from a PC to tablet, A simple to understand general description of...
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    A81E problem with Micro SD card

    First I am a total Newb with these tablets. Here is what happened and what do you guys think about it? Been using new A81E for a few days. Installed a 16gig SD on the day I got it. All worked ok. Transferred a couple of files from my laptop to SD card then used the files. This morning I turned...
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    Newb needs spreadsheet A81E

    I am such a moron, QuickOffice came installed. OMG
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    Newb needs spreadsheet A81E

    Those two look like they are what I need but they do not even have a free trial. Not going to spend the money just to find out that it does not work on my particular device. GDocs would work fine but at work I do not have access to the web. There must be either a free trial or just plain...
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    Newb needs spreadsheet A81E

    I just got my A81E and am trying to get things up and running. Does anybody with an A81E run any free office type software on it, particularly a spreadsheet? Where did you get it? Thanks
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    I had just the opposite experience with Merimobiles. There was a mess up with shipping in Hong Kong but Merimobiles answered my e-mails within 24 hours. Even the e-mail I sent on Christmas eve was answered the next morning. They shipped me a second unit plus upgraded the shipping for free. The...
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    I bought an A81E from Merimobiles. They have great support an respond to question FAST. Philip was a big help to me. You can not go wrong dealing with them.
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    Gpad G10 or Witstech A81E

    I see that there is an upgraded Witstech A81E, the A81G. I do not know if there is much if any difference from the "E". Here is a link: Witstech A81G New Version with Full USB (3G via USB dongle) android 2.2 Gsensor