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  • Steev,

    I installed using your instructions on the 9742 and when my tablet reboots it hangs at the inital setup screen and the touch screen does not work. Have you heard of this and is there a fix? Thanks
    Hi can you help me?
    I can not reflash my tablet mid 7024
    if you have a free time write me how can i reflash my tablet.
    my skype: kdv1995
    i`ll be wait you
    Hi steev, how are you? my 7042-4 has the Cortex A8 CPU can you guide me on getting it root and get the play store on it please? I use windows, well I want to know if the method available with the A10 CPU would work for my tablet? Thanks in advance
    Hi Steev, how are you? I had a problem using your driver for MID9742, my screen is upside down now. Can you help me? Thanks.
    Dear steev,

    it seems I have a problem with the driver of my MID9742, and now my "visual screen" is the opposite to the "touch screen".

    Are you able to prepare another rom image fixing the problem?

    Thanks in advance
    Hi Steve,

    I tested the Thunderstorm and my touch it works without changing any utmodules.
    I have the model 1024 with the motherboard which is 1025_v5 dualtouch.
    Unable to bear any 2.3 or higher for it yet because of the touch driver but this cheered me up a little.

    It would not be possible to compile the driver of Thunderstorm goodix_touch this firmware to be compatible?

    I tested this 703 gingerbread on my 1025_v4 and ran to the side buttons are also critical but the touch Do not Work. I noticed the lack of goodix_touch utmodules and installed in the Thunderstorm goodix_touch but neither worked. I believe that the difference in the kernel.

    I put myself available for any test!

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