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  • Hi,
    I tried to, and unsuccessfully rooted my coby kyros 9742. I used livesuite 1.0.7. After rooting my screen started behaving wierdly and started flashing lines and random stuff. The device won't start, tried system recovery and it does nothing. I can put it into upgrade mode but that is all I can really do. Like an idiot i didnt make a back-up. Is there anything I can do? I do not have the warrenty or the money to get another one, so I will do whatever it takes to fix it.

    Please Help!!! Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated!!!
    I am very frustrated - maybe you can help. I have posted twice on this site but
    , cannot find replys. I have a new coby 7012 i did a document on officesuite and accidently deleted it
    Can i get it back and how? Also how do i see my replys? Thanks
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