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    infotmic imapx200 800mhz 2.3 rom download

    Hi everybody ! Can you tell me where I can download "infotmic imapx200 800mhz 2.3 rom" for my 10" Irobot tablet, in addition, instruction to install as need too. Thanks you in advance !!!!!!!!!
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    IRobot 10" Tablet can't install app

    Sorry ! I don't understand what you mean ? How can I do remote wipe or reset over the air ? Thanks !
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    IRobot 10" Tablet can't install app

    I couldn't find setting>privacy on this version, I don't know why. I used have a 2.2 phone it comes with privacy. If I root it, is it possible to fix this problem. Where I can find this APK ? Thanks in advance !!!!
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    IRobot 10" Tablet can't install app

    Everytime when I install app there is a meesage show error so I couldn't install any app with sufficient storage. In addition, how can I reset the tablet i.e. erase all data & app back to factory setting. O/S Android 2.2 Thanks !
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    iRobot 10" Tablet

    Dear All, I have a iRobot 10" 8GB tablet want to reset it, what can I do because I missed the manual. I checked some web site press "Power" + "Menu" + "The Circle Button" at the bottom of the screen can reset (erase all data) the tablet, but I failed. Anybody can teach me the trick ? If...
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    Reset 2.2 needed

    I am using Android 2.2 in my iRobot 10" tablet. I am wondering when I go to setting I can't privacy command. Is anyone can teach me how to reset my os in order to delete all datas. Thanks in advance.