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    The One 'Do I Buy This', 'What Do I Buy', 'I'm Looking For' Thread

    [EDITED] Hey gang, I have the need for an android tablet to give to my mother so she can video chat using Google Talk. My Droid Incredible 2 does it great and she wants to do the same thing on a tablet. She would also use it for basic web browsing & Pandora but that is completely it. She'll...
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    [WANTED] 10" Android 2.2 Wifi Webcam tablet

    MOD remove thread plz
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    The One 'Do I Buy This', 'What Do I Buy', 'I'm Looking For' Thread

    Thnx for the tips Xaueious. I believe I will go for the Viewsonic G Tablet over the Archos 101 based on this Youtube comparison: ...I wonder if the Viewsonic Viewpad 10 will be upgradeable to Android 2.2+ ??? (hybrid Android/Windows7 tablet) The VGT will keep my wife off my back until...
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    The One 'Do I Buy This', 'What Do I Buy', 'I'm Looking For' Thread

    Hey gang, Needing a bit of advice! 1a) Wife wants a good 10" tablet without breaking the bank. 1b) WANTED FEATURES: Android 2.2+, ebooks, movies (without having to trans-code evey movie), Google Market. 1c) Hardware needs: GOT TO BE SEXY LOOKING!, Capacitive screen, g-sensor, compass...
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    Professional Drawing Apps

    I would be interested in a good Finger Painting app =) My kids love that stuff =) >(:|_]=
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    GPS alternative for Haipad 701

    Would this scenario work by using my Verizon Eris as a WiFi hotspot using wireless tether?
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    Archos 70

    I can't seem to order one. The options in the drop-down menu are grey for me. I was able to click the NOTIFY ME button to receive an email when available.
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    News about ViewPad 7 & 10

    New info on the 10" version Product News - ViewSonic ViewPad 10 inch multi-touch Android tablet launch...Pre-order now
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    News about ViewPad 7 & 10

    Dear potential ViewSonic Tablet user You very kindly submitted your details to know more about the ViewPads when they were to be available. ViewSonic promised you would be the first to know. That time has come. We had many registrations from around the world, but we intend to provide the...
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    ANY Tablet (with camera) successfully use TANGO?

    No takers? Surely there has to be someone on this forum that has a tablet with a camera in it =)
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    ANY Tablet (with camera) successfully use TANGO?

    Hey gang, Anyone out there own a tablet with a camera that can test the TANGO video call application? I am very interested to see if anyone has success with any type of video call using a tablet. VOIP style preferred. !!!
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    [REQUEST] Flash demo in Android 2.2

    Hey gang, Can someone with a tablet running Android 2.2 try out these two sites and see if the play the same as on the computer? THE ECO ZOO | ECODA!DOBUTSUEN & PARK.seasons If you can record a short video of it in action, that would be great! Thnx in advance! ~Syn
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    Epad 10" android 2.1 , cpu : 1Ghz , 256mb Ram = 150 USD !

    please list the site from which you bought this device.
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    Top Android Tablets to purchase

    If your husband is anything like me, he is: DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, the most talented person you know, and picky about his tech stuff. Do this: Buy the "NuPad 7 Inch MID Android 2.2" for $172 or under shipped (you may find better prices or the same device under a different name. IE: "Apad e7002")...