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    [Review] MK808 TV Box

    For what ever reason, my new MK808 is not coming out 1920x1080 but its actually 1024 x 720 and stretching to fit. I don't know if its just mine, or indicative to the current rom, or what, but its almost unusable like this.
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    Flash 10 on M701

    Where did you get the update to 2.2? I bought mine from Merimobiles, but the Haipad website says 2.2 is still very experimental and a lot of things dont work. Also, have you rooted your M701 and added the apk for flash?
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    Haipad M701 Market not working

    there are directions within this site on how to get a new google id from the SDK. That was the only way I could get it to work.
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    haipad 701 with hdmi and red led

    is there a legitimate 2.2 rom yet to replace #121 in the Haipad M701R with working everything?
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    New Haipaid M-107R Owner

    im using the #121 ROM and I have the white graphics in Angry birds. I have tried every trick mentioned in other threads. I think the white is some kind of alpha or HDR blending problem. Ive seem something like it when doing Apple development.
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    Zeam Launcher

    What if your Haipad can no longer access the Marketplace? (and yes, I have tried everything in the other forums).
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    Genuine or fake tablets

    I have already tethered it to a friends samsung Galaxy phone and it worked flawlessly. I also recommend this tablet, but I would stay clear of Ebay. There is no accountability.
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    Velocity Micro Cruz

    that would be grand! Worth every penny.
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    Galaxy G Tab - imx515 1ghz/512mb/8gb/capacitive/3g/gps/cam/android 2.2

    The specs are wonderful, but not for $599. When alternate pads with 3/4 of the specs can be purchased for $160.
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    Genuine or fake tablets Best Deals on Android Tablet,Tablet PC,Smartphones,Apple Accessories,Cool Gadgets & more from Hong Kong China seems to come up in conversation a lot and they have a wide selection. the size of the pad is arbitrary. I wanted some more portable. Since it cost me $169, I can afford to...
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    Genuine or fake tablets

    First off Welcome! I've never been in a more chaotic world that 7" tablet identification! 1. I would avoid ALL tablet sales from Ebay period. They are fly by night, they will say anything, bait and switch. There is little accountability. Stick with a major supplier / importer. I bought...
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    Marketplace anomalies

    That was my point. None of those apps had ever been installed.
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    Marketplace anomalies

    I have an M701/E7002 with preinstalled marketplace. Im noticing that the in the background, the system is attempting to download (unsuccesfully) apps that I never even searched for or clicked on. I thought it was random until have seen one of the apps "StudioKUMA BusInfo" a bus directory of...
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    How new is Rom #121 for Haipad M701?

    Thanks for your reply. Your experience mirrors mine. There seems to be 3 groups of roms out there, the #1XX series - ours, the #3XX series that MIGHT revolve around that XT5 system and a series based on date. I have yet to discover a rosetta stone relating them to each other.