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    Any opinions on Asus Transformer versus Xoom?

    The Transformer has a lot more features that appeal to me. In having played with the Xoom several times in BB, I wasn't overly impressed. Mostly was disappointed in the lesser quality screen. It is looking like the Transformer will have a nicer display, and pretty much everything else about...
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    Asus EEEpad Transformer in action

    Thanks Fever. And yeah, $399 would be awesome, but I can't see it. I'm thinking $599 with the keyboard dock. I'd pay that I believe.
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    Asus EEEpad Transformer in action

    I've seen some extra specs for the transformer, seems the screen is a 1280 x 800 IPS LED. Nice. Here is a link for a good comparison chart I found on another forum (thanks to juzcallmeneo of phandroid)...
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    Asus EEEpad Transformer in action

    Looks nice. It would have been nice for them to show use while docked - i.e. how well the keyboard/mouse pad worked. A few more specs would be nice too. Like what kind of screen it is sporting. As buggy as the UI looked I am doubtful we will see this thing by the end of April though. Still...
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    Tablets Are Too Small

    At some point an "ideal" sized tablet will show itself. But there will always be variants depending on user and use. My Droid X is basically a tablet with a 4.3 screen. In fact, it is damn near better than any tablet on the market up until recently with how well it works overall. But it's...
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    Windows 7 on a 7" tablet

    I believe the dual boot capability of tabs will be when they really start to replace laptops..... for me at least. Win 7/android dual boot in a tab that has a nice dock to a keyboard (like the upcoming style of the Asus transformer). It may be a couple years, but I think we will start seeing...
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    Samsung/Xoom display screens.

    I am also disappointed in the lesser screen the Xoom reportedly has. I know the Sammy Gtab has a really beautiful screen. If you are going to roll out a top level product, make sure the screen is top level itself.
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    Zeam Launcher

    I have ZEAM on my Droid X and the three Coby 7015's I bought for our kids. It is indeed snappier due to it's lightweight, which is exactly why I like it. The new ADW with the fancy animations looks awesome, but will lag a lesser rig like the Coby. It will prolly lag the Droid X too, which is...
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    A 7" iPhone 4 'Dropad A8' Reviewed - Most Powerful Shanzhai Apple Clone Ever?

    Two problems. It looks like a damn iPhone. And, as is always the case with these chinese knockoffs, some key portions of the tab don't freaking work. Hey, here's a cheap Icrap knockoff.... don't worry some of the features won't work but it looks like and iphone.
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    Whats the best tablet for the money

    I have 3 Coby Kyros for our kids.... they "work" for the kids, but are pretty buggy and sluggish. I have rooted, updated, and applied every tweak possible at this point. They have full market, etc. But they are slow and buggy still. For my personal use, they are a mere shadow of how my Droid...
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    More Drama From Samsung - Samsung Denies 16% Return Rate - Claims Less Than 2%

    I thought 15% sounded too high in the first place.
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    Motorola Xoom price rumor - WIFI only - "Around $600"

    The problem isn't that the Xoom isn't up to par (it's actually better!) spec-wise, the problem is that the overwhelming majority have the perception that the iPad is hands down just better than any android tab period no matter what. I know this isn't news to most, but really Moto and Google...
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    Motorola Xoom price rumor - WIFI only - "Around $600"

    These companies become faaar too proud of their products. They just shot themselves in the foot if this is truly the price. I expect the Samsung tab to drop in price soon and I may opt for that just because it works and works well. Maybe I won't be a first adopter of the newest and greatest...
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    Return Rates of Galaxy Tab at a Whooping 15%, Analysts Not Amused by Android Tablets

    As far as I'm concerned, the fragmentation of Android is both a positive and negative. As long as there are top of the line android units that are as good (or better) than the iphone, ipad, etc, I could care less if the lower level, cheaper units are not up to par. It is a positive that there...
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    Return Rates of Galaxy Tab at a Whooping 15%, Analysts Not Amused by Android Tablets

    Apple has a TON of pull and power in the media, and they use it well. I've used both the ipad and the samsung tab, and I gotta say overall I think the samsung stacks up well. I prefer the size of the samsung, and it seems to move just as fast as the ipad. With my dislike of anything...