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    Help please. [REQ] eReader app hopefully Kindle and Firmware backup

    I believe I have what is reffered to as a MID 2.2 from China. It has a GoMarket app installed, but with all the text showing in Chinese I have yet to DL anything. This is a link to the item I have: NEW 7"Google Android Notebook Tablet PC Laptop WiFi MID on (item 270734734305 end time...
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    New in Canada.

    So I come with some more info. Model = M1 Android Version = 2.2.1
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    New in Canada.

    Hey all. Just got a tablet from China for my B-Day. Have no idea what I have, lol maybe I can get some assistance? Hoping to use it as an eReader. Photos. Just quick internet updates on the run. Fantasy football scores !! See where else this can lead to.