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    New guy and a Security Certificate Question

    So the browser is raising a cert exception becuase you are going to ... and the cert is issued to The host names do not match, so that causes the exception you are seeing. WHY don't you just go to ??? I don't do ms live ... but I...
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    New guy and a Security Certificate Question

    The ssl certificate is presented by the web server. SSL is secured end <-> end. K Spud - I'm not sure what is going on ... how about you post a screen shot of the certificate being presented to the browser ? I am curious if you have a proxy connection somehow going on, or if you are being...
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    AFAIK, swype is only working under nookie froyo. You can try slideit, instead: Help getting slideit going? - xda-developers
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    Gingerbread keyboard on rooted Nook Color

    per make sure root explorer is 2.13.1 or higher if you google a bit, it's not too hard to locate a copy. Read the XDA thread - installing GB keyboard is certainly possible.
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    Help with my Rooted NC

    fisrt - adobe flash player is in the market. It is not supported on your version of android (2.1) - you need to wait for 2.2 second - yes this is normal
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    Gingerbread keyboard on rooted Nook Color

    IIRC, this is a version issue with root explorer - search the forum and I think you'll find you have to install a specific version of root explorer for it to work correctly. I'm sure someone will post the info if I am remembering this correctly.
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    Gingerbread keyboard on rooted Nook Color

    [HOW-TO] Work-arounds for issues with stock Nook Color ROM - xda-developers 3. How do I install a different keyboard? - if it's in the market, first purchase/install it-- if it's a stand-alone apk, skip that and move on to the next paragraph. If you just downloaded it from the market, find the...
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    Anyone know of a program to rotate video clips?

    Google knows of many ;-) You might want to be more specific - for example, on what OS do you want to rotate these clips ? Windows, Mac ?
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    YouTube Not Working

    It sounds like the normal youtube cached data crash that s/b fixed by clearing. If you have adb access, try adb shell busybox rm /data/data/ -r and reboot. I would read through these 2 xda threads and try the suggestions there. "HQ" YouTube on NC - xda-developers...
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    Parse Error

    I missed where BN published their release schedule ? Have a link ?
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    SetCPU settings for the NOOKcolor

    Not with the default kernel, no.
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    streaming stutter (across apps)

    Not everyone agrees with you, and they make a good case why saying things like 'keeping your resources at a maximum' make little sense: FAQ: Why You Shouldn&#8217;t Be Using a Task Killer with Android
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    nookie froyo 0.5.9

    I think youtube is still broken - least I didn't see any success from a number of methods tried in other posts. About the most exciting I did was install flash and realize it's not all that to have flash running. :-)
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    Nook Color rooted, missing /system/apps/

    Your nook no longer has a /system/apps folder ? I assure you , it does. Perhaps you can add some more details to your problem ?
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    site that compairs ebook prices

    I assume since there is no physical product, no shipping costs, etc. , any reasonable person would assume the price would be less than for a physical copy. I have found many ebooks to often be quite comparable in price to actual books. I think this quite easily translates into "overpriced" in...