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    ndiswrapper for android tablets?

    ndiswrapper is a technology to allow Linux systems to use the Windows NDIS interface for WiFi drivers. Unless the device you're talking about is a USB WiFi dongle, then you're going to be out of luck following the ndiswrapper route.
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    Disabling virtual keyboard.

    You should be able to disable the Chinese character part of the keyboard by selecting an alternative keyboard. Long-press on a text input box and select "input method" from the pop-up menu; from the list that is then presented choose something like "android keyboard" to get back to the standard...
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    booting from usb

    The FlyTouch II uses an ARM based CPU, so running a full Windows is unrealistic. I am currently trying to establish how to boot from the SD card or USB as I would like to have a crack at a full Debian system on there - with 1GHz CPU and a 10.1" display, adding a USB keyboard and mouse would...
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    uninstalling superpad apps

    After it's been rooted, you can remove or rename the .apk files in /system/apps as appropriate.
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    Ubuntu on Flytouch II?

    I would be very interested in running a full Linux system on my SuperPad, however what is linked above isn't really what I'm looking for as it involves running the Ubuntu system inside a chroot rather than booting to it natively. I've seen a few bits and pieces about installing Ubuntu...
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    So, I finally got around to upgrading my SuperPad (aka FlyTouch II) to the latest firmware; rooted it and started playing about when I noticed a tonne of extra things that weren't in the firmware that was loaded when I bought the device. Things like extra keyboard input methods (inc. Russian...
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    My Manual for (HUAWEI) USB 3G

    That depends on how you're using your dongle. If you're using Window's dial-up settings and telling it to connect through your dongle, then disabling the pretend CD won't affect it. If you're using the software that runs on the pretend CD, then disabling the pretend CD may cause problems...
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    greetings from Australia

    Welcome aboard, Ozi101. I've only been here a few days myself but it seems to be a pretty friendly place. :)
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    3g usb modem needed

    OK, got a little further with this. On standard Linux systems the same happens unless an extra entry is added to the udev rules. It seems that the E1550 reports itself as a USB CD drive and USB storage device (the internal MicroSD slot on the E1550) and will report itself as the appropriate...
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    Making LauncherPro the default?

    OK, got it sorted. Used the advice from this thread. Now I have Launcher Pro running as the default on startup and when I press the Home button. I'm happy now. :)
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    Making LauncherPro the default?

    Unfortunately there is no option to uninstall Wowhome. Anyone got any ideas? Sent from my Android tablet using the app.
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    Making LauncherPro the default?

    Just tried removing WowHome using HomeManager... no joy. Just gonna try removing it through the application management tool in settings. Wish me luck. Sent from my Android tablet using the app.
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    Tablet keeps rebooting and doesn't charge properly... or so it seems.

    Turns out it was a dodgy power lead. Supplier sent me a replacement charger and all is well. Sent from my Android tablet using the app.
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    Making LauncherPro the default?

    HomeSwitcher is reporting LauncherPro as being the default though, but it doesn't run on startup. And I didn't install the FroYo version as I'm only running 2.1 and not 2.2. :( I don't want to uninstall WowHome yet... I don't want to be stuck without a homescreen app running on startup - at...
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    How to root

    Would it be the same procedure for rooting a device that isn't a FlyTouch2?