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  • Hi tipstir, I just recently got 2 older flytouch and I was trying to get your firmware for them. I wasn't able to view the firmware for either one. This and this one. After I clicked the picture the links for both said that i wasn't allowed to view them. So I'm asking if you can please help me with this.I really want them to work better. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
    Hi Tipstir,

    Great work you doing!!

    I own a MID70003 series android tablet (CPU VIA WM8505) currently running Android 1.6. I badly need to upgrade it to OS 2.0or higher so I can install Yahoo mail (which only runs on OS 2.0+).

    I have tried quite a few firmwares but they ended up bricking the tablet or the touchscreen/home button/volume controls stops working completely.

    Do you know of any firmware for this tablet that upgrades it and still leaves all the hardware (touchscreen/home button/volume controls) functions intact?

    Waiting to hear back from you. Many thanks in advance!
    Hey I saw your message about the Gome MID flytouch.. unfortunately you had it loaded on megaupload which has since been taken over by the US Secret Police of America... Where else can I get it?
    I got a PanImage 7" tablet for Christmas and I am generally very pleased with it. However, the installed YouTube app does not work. So, I deleted and installed various earlier versions from until I found one that worked (YouTube app ver. 1.3). However, there are still some bugs even with this app. Basically, the sound and video freeze up right away in HD mode. So, I have to click menu and select Normal Mode every time I want to play a video. Also, I usually have to "pause" the video for a few seconds even in Normal mode by clicking the video "Details" tab and then clicking the "Previous" button (simply clicking "Pause" does not solve the problem). If I jump through all these hoops, then the video will play normally. Otherwise, it will freeze up. Can you tell me how to fix this? (My firmware is Android 1.6, Build Number 2.1.7_PD_N). THANKS!
    I have recently bought tablet pc android 2.2 tablet pc.i have connected it with ethernet .i have enabled static and given ip address net mask and all information.the icon of blue monitor appears on the top of my tablet but there is no connectivity.can anyone help me to solve this problem and guide me how to configure my ethernet connection correctly step by step.what all should do in my tablet ,whether to enable or disable dhcp and things like that
    Thanks tipstir...

    I got this method to work. No need to download the SDk kit and drivers...just root, use a terminal emulator, and the necessary files.

    Coby Kyros 7015A – Root and Add Google Apps « Caleb Fultz

    same question with lhomme.
    i only see root ang gingerbread. i mean where is the update from stock Rom to updated Rom.? thanks tipstir!
    Hey tipstir,

    I am reading all these posts on how the mid 7015 can be upgraded to GB 2.3.1, but no where can I find the files or the instructions on this site....Do I you have any insight to where I may find the files and how to...

    I have a question and ive been reading alot of posts by you. Do you know if there is a honeycomb rom for the flytouch II android 2.1.1623? Any answers you have will be greatly appreciated.
    I just purchased the PanDigital and I can not get it to recognize or work with my Verizon Hot spot 5. Any suggestions?
    What is firmware and do I need it.
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