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    [ROM] WM8650_Android2.2_1.1.1_20110404 NL (root/boost/fix/expanded)

    so far your post was the most helpful to me Thanks a lot I was finally able to gain su access
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    New Cherrypad Owner

    Hi: Just bought a cherrypad it is certainly inexpensive enough. Was easily able to transfer my videos using Linux and winff to create mp4 that plays great. I note the volume seems low is there a fix for that? Also it has android v2.2 looking for info to root and upgrade the little box.
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    Android and 3G Modems

    ok I just bought the inexpensive cherrypad. pretty cool and i setup the 3g as per the cherrypad site instructions. Kepp getting a messaage to be sure the dongle is in the list. I note your post says not all versions of the dongle will work. Mine apperas to be an e173-3 as displayed by the...