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    Help Needed, Please!

    I have a Craig cmp738b, its in good condition with all original packaging and supplies. Does anyone know where I can sell it online?
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    Good video player for craig cmp738b?

    Yeah that's what I was wondering. I dont want to root it, mainly because I'am not familiar with all that. This is actually my 2nd tablet of this model, the 1st one I had gotten as a christmas gift, and it ended up getting BRICKED:( Thank you for your help, I've been asking everyone for help and...
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    Good video player for craig cmp738b?

    I will check that out, thanks. Can I use Google market, even though my tablet wont access Android market?
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    craig 7 inch touchscreen tablet

    Yeah I have the same tablet. Yup I actually restart it once a day at least. Did you find the button?
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    Suggestions For New Sections, Sub-Forums

    I would really like to see more specific and USEFULL info on this specific device,I've posted several threads asking for help and no one could really give me any. This is really the only Android Tablet forum that I've seen that pertains specifically to Android tablets. So I'm lost.
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    newbie needs help downloading apps

    How do we know which wifi we have? Mine says 802.11b/g.
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    craig 7 inch touchscreen tablet

    On the side of the tablet, that small hole right above where you stick the charger in that's the RESET BUTTON. Stick the pen that came with your tablet in there and press down GENTLY. that will reset it.
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    I Got A Crag Tablet

    Have you downloaded anything? I had that EXACT problem and not that long after it was BRICKED :( so I had to exchange it.
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    Good video player for craig cmp738b?

    Does anyone know a good video player for CMP738b, besides the one that allready pre-installed?
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    Craig tablet cmp738b HELP!!!!

    LeeMan555- I had the exact same issues that you have with my 1st CMP738b, it ended up getting bricked. So I had to exchange it for a new one, which I'm currently using. I started having those issues after I set-up Gmail to sync on my device. And after downloading from the SAM app on the device...
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    I also have a (rk2818sdk) craig tablet. Doesn't seem like there's very many of us!

    I also have a (rk2818sdk) craig tablet. Doesn't seem like there's very many of us!
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    Can I plug my camera into my CMP738b tablet with the usb cord that came with my camera?? And upload my pictures to the micro sd card that's allready in my tablet?
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    craig touch screen tablet cmp738b

    Are you hooked up to wifi? Thats happened before to me, if so click on the "WIFI" icon in your home screen then click "OPEN WIFI ".
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    Questions Not Being Answered

    I've been a member for of this site for awhile now and I'm still not finding it effective. Could someone point me in the right direction please?