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    USB OTG support

    I am not sure i quite understand what exactly you mean by "how to rig a uSB connection", but if you you want to connect why not use an adopter like OEM USB OTG Connection Kit & Card Reader for SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB, costs about $3.00 at Amazon.
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    Tab 2 7.0 & SKYPE and general Problems

    Your input much appreciated - hopefully others will expand on this.
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    WHICH USB 3G dongle?

    Can anybody advise me , if I can connect my Tab 2 to internet using a 3G dongle, and if yes what MAKE & MODEL ? Also what other accessory - like a USB adapter will I need and where can I get it from, as I do not see any being available at Amazon? many thanks.
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    Suggestions for sub £150 tablet?

    Except for the fact you say you need 9" or 10", i would strongly say Tab 2 7.0 released on 22nd, for $250/. Very happy with mine - check out here and at ther .......FORUMS, NOT A SINGLE COMPLAINT YET. More imp. For a student great battery life - mine lasts 4 hrs min. Good luck.
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    Tab 2 7.0 & SKYPE and general Problems

    It has been almost a week since the Tab 2 was released and sufficient time for those of us who received it, to put it to some limited use. Yet I am surprised that no problems have been reported yet by anybody! For myself, couple of things I have to complain about: 1. lack of a decent User...
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    How to Get Free E-books

    SPIDER.. Greatly indebted to you for compiling this list, as it not only saves an oldie ( just 75 yrs. young) few bucks but provides many hours of pleasure FREE ! Hurray! Thanks.
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    Google Maps Offline for Andriod Tablet

    Much obliged. Any otther suggestions?
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    Offline Mode to Google Nav On the Way

    What is the CURRENT - April 2012 STATUS on this OFFLINE Google Maps? I am in the process of getting a tablet, and I am looking for this option being available for my Navigation. Thanks.
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    Google Maps Offline for Andriod Tablet

    While this thread relates to Google Maps, can anybody advice if I can use Google Navigation on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 when offline ( NO WIFI, like in a moving car), or for that matter is there any 3rd party App which can be used offline in USA? Thanks.
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    So who's planning on getting a Galaxy Tab 2?

    I have been mainly a PC/laptop user for last 15 years. As this will be entirely new experience for a TABLET, can I direct some questions to CLS and other experienced users for guidance: 1. Having decided to buy Galaxy Tab 2, should I get it from Best Buy shop ( 2 miles from home, who will...
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    which tablet for 150$

    I think this must be your FIRST tablet, so why not try out this You can't do better for the price I think! Good luck.
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    Ainol Novo 7 Elf Tablets Only $128 (10 $coupon)

    Don't bet on it - I tried and felt very bad! but who knows you may be lucky...!!
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    Anyone order the My Tablet today?

    I will be indebted to you if you can kindly give me couple of stores names where i (new to this tablets)where i can order from. Thanks.
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    Where can i find a ainol novo 7 aurora without dead pixels or points ?

    Hai.. when you do get one can you please tell us from WHICH seller and at what PRICE, also the SERVICE you got. Thanks.
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    [GIVEAWAY] ] Ainol Novo 7 Aurora Tablet

    I aqm looking forward to get one as soon as they are available, but WHEN?