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  • sorry to bug but I have a Pipo S1 Smart,I reset it and now it is in Chinese....can someone point me in the right direction?
    Hi Wicked
    I am new to the site, just wondering if it will have a part for the new Zenithink ZT-280 in the future. Thanks, Earl
    hello wicked

    I am from Jordan from the Middle East, I have a problem. Owned a (Android2.2 wondermedia wm8650) I want to contact the internet by 3g technolgy, but I can not because the device is not defined on the operating company of the Internet, called Zain here in jordan, which are used usb modem From huwawei mobil broadband model E173u-1 i need your help fore solve my problem
    hey dud, i have this android tab froyo 2.2, 8 inch. hope you can help me to find an app for its power or shutdown, coz everytime i use my tab i just keep it on until it drains then charge it again. tnx so much btw...
    Hey man, got a new story for you guys.

    The folks over at RPGnow.com are doing a contest. The Grandprize is a Viewsonic Tab with 2.2 on it.
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