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    New Firmware Update and App

    As the title says. Check Settings, ABOUT, Check for Update...
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    Thinking to change from acer to asus...

    Use TANGO for now. Skype should be available later.
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    Help With Asus Transformer Dock (Keyboard)

    Make sure the dock is secured. The silver slider must be fully to the right. It's a little stiff at first but I have had the unit do exactly as you indicated if it's not secure.
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    Soft left side to the ASUS TF

    Anyone having problems with this issue? Near the power and volume buttons, the case seems to be not well supported. Serial number B50K I purchased another unit with B60K serial number and the problem seems to be rectified. Any idea if there is a fix for this or should those with this problem...
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    You Tube searches differently on two identical TF's

    I liked the TF so much I bought another for my wife. (We share a keyboard) We set all the parameters in You Tube to the same search settings but the search comes back differently on each machine. Any ideas why this would be?????
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    Email folders?

    Figured out how to do this..... Folders are added in the original email service you have. That is, if you use Yahoo WEB mail, add the folder there and it will appear in the ASUS android mail application. The ASUS mail handler just reflects what is in the web based mail service.
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    just a couple questions

    Can you access the school site using a web browser? If so, you should be able to access your account with the correct settings using the Transformer browser.
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    Email folders?

    I don't see a way to do this. The default e-mail app is rather lame but convenient... no spell checker, no folder additions, no access to the contacts until you start typing in the TO box etc. I would be interested in a substitute for this but I haven't found a suitable one yet.
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    FYI: Video chat success on Transformer

    Since SKYPE does not currently support video chat for the Transformer, use TANGO from the market. Works perfectly with the front camera. Connected to an Apple iPhone4 no problem. Hopefully SKYPE will be supported soon. Cheers
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    So you have a 7015...

    An 7015A user and I bought the ASUS Transformer... it rocks. Zero problems. $399 anywhere. Also bought the keyboard dock for another $100.... sweat....... I'm still going to use the rooted 7015 as the 7" is more portable than the 10.1"
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    Asus tf101: Wifi connection problem

    Is your network Wi-Fi "visible" that is, broadcasting the SSID identity?
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    Android Market App Version

    Thats good to know..... I am always leary about unsolicited emails about updates... you wouldnt want a "speacial" version that might contain a key logger etc.
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    PS3 pairing with Transformer

    Anyone had success doing this? I've paired the PS3 and Transsfomer with several BT device but not together. I was hoping to use the Transformer as a remote for the PS3.
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    Android Market App Version

    Version 1.0.28 here. I would be suspicious about an email like that....!
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    Transformer docking/keyboard USB fault

    Feel your pain.... Just bought my Transformer and keyboard so it's taking a bit of time to go through all the features to see if they work. I jacked an external USB card reader into both USB ports on the dock and was able to see the 2G card. For the storage device (card reader) you have to...