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    Trying to extract from Firmware

    Thanks for the info fun. So to get new compatible clockworkmod recovery, one has to rebuild clockworkmod using the kernel extracted from 2.3 recovery.img? Another question, is the system partition independent from the boot kernel? That is, would it be possible to run a combination of...
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    Haipad M701 latest firmaware: Android 2.3 (2G Samsung, Micron 4G).

    Which version do you want? Or does it matter? For Gingerbread there is the version for M701 2G model and another version for 4G HY model. You can also extract boot.img and system.img yourself from the vendor release by following the steps here...
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    Trying to extract from Firmware

    Oops, first, a correction to my previous post. To extract boot and recovery, the program to use is, not unyaffs. I had forgotten that. Secondly, unyaffs gives seg fault if the page size of unyaffs and system.img does not match. fun explains here: Haipad M701-R [HY] firmware...
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    Trying to extract from Firmware

    That steps you've done sounds right. When I run unyaffs on system.img, the contents of system gets unpacked (/apps, /bin, /etc...). I've done it for the 11/16 rom as well as one of the 2.2 ones. The files are extracted on the same level as the system.img file, i.e. not in a subdirectory. Have...
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    Is there a guide to flashing a Haipad 701 with Linux host

    No fastboot, AFAIK. Yeah, I guess package may be the way to go since ClockworkMod supports that. I've never built one before though - should be interesting :D
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    Is there a guide to flashing a Haipad 701 with Linux host

    Good question. Perhaps something with ADB and ClockwordMod recovery? I've not tried this myself, but perhaps something like this. Take the tcc8900_mtd.img file, unpack using tccunpack. This gives you boot.img and system.img (ditch the recovery.img). Assuming you already have clockwordmod on...
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    "Froyo" for Telechips devices - is it pointless?

    mala, fun_ is still actively developing the Team Telechips release, I think. He's on here some times but posts on Slatedroid more often. Like you I want to get involved but it's difficult getting started :( Lots of info on xda developers though which I try to go through in my spare time.
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    Haipad apps not working and amazon kindle..

    Neither Fring nor Nimbuzz work with Skype any more, sadly. Both have been blocked by Skype. Half the time I couldn't connect with Nimbuzz anyway, even when it wasn't blocked. Skype hasn't released an official client for Android. The beta Skype lite is all there is at the moment. You'd expect...
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    Help for a newbie to Android....Please

    Yeah, I think I ran into those errors too. It was something simple, I think just close FWDN and reopen it. Then the allocated memory space shows up. You can then flash the image.
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    Help for a newbie to Android....Please

    Does the micro SD card stick out from your tablet? By the way, it's unlikely that your tablet is actually Froyo (2.2). There's a bunch of 2.1 tablets that have been hacked to show 2.2 on the version string, but it's really Eclair underneath. If it's the tablet that I think it is (M701 or...
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    [Question] Haipad M701-R has some problem.

    I'm intrigued about the camera too. My tablet's camera has always been crappy. Regarding the battery, I've found that I can get much better battery life using the community Froyo beta (not from Haipad). I could go up to 8+ hours on standby as compared to 4-5 hours for the Haipad ROMs. So...
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    When will Haipad M701 have Official Froyo firmware ?!!

    There's usually a guide included with the ROM package. Granted, it could be a bit difficult to interpret (bad translation), but you can figure out most things from the pictures.
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    add new window in the browser ...

    I like the Dolphin browser better than stock when it comes to multiple tabs. On the other hand, I've found that my tablet slows down a lot when I have multiple tabs open.
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    Huawei S7 discussion archive

    The Snapdragon chipset supposedly has GPS integrated. Edit: grenness, your link says the price is 3,495 NOK? Isn't that almost 600 USD? :eek:
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    Steve Jobs disses 7" tablet form factor - Who else thinks this is full of crap?

    As for the 7 inch for factor comments... why not let the market decide Steve? I know I ended up choosing a 7" over a 10" tablet because of concern for portability.