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    Budget HDMI Tablet?

    I'm looking for a tablet with the following requirements: Mainly web browsing and media playback to TV (1080p) HDMI out to TV is a must; casting/wireless is not an option Value for money (cheap!) :D 7" or above. Screen quality/dpi etc not such an issue. Just IPS is fine. Would really like to...
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    Help with purchase

    What sort of presentations? You do realise that this machine doesn't have powerpoint on it?? Also, what exactly do you mean by support? Do you expect to be able to ring someone up when you have a problem accessing the internet or connecting to a projector?
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    The Flash Conundrum

    I thought flash was (kind of) working in one of the roms I tried. It may have been the albertdsh 2.2 rom build. It was one I didn't leave on for long - mainly for other reasons. You know what? Web pages loading flash ads slowed down so many webpages that it destroyed the web browser experience...
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    Question about telechip cpu?

    When it comes down to it, if you really want a tablet to run flash, then don't buy a tablet. Buy an AMD/Intel laptop/netbook running Windows. If you can answer the question 'I only really want to run the flash appXXX'; then someone might be able to say yes. Telechips can do some flash now...
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    Haipad M701-R +HDMI +Remote

    the 2.2 rom has never worked fully, and from the limited reports I have seen, the 2.3 is the same. It may be 'faster' but many features won't work, and it will crash often... :(
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    Help: M701-R not going fully into update mode anymore

    Thanks harmjanb, I was having the same problem trying to go back to 2.1 from the 22/3/11 2.2 firmware!
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    Haipad with Android 2.2 Hot!

    Couple of problems to add to those already listed above for the 2.2 4GB HY by albertdsh: HDMI Out works on TV, but sends my tablet screen crazy - wavy lines that are impossible to see what you are doing Bluetooth doesn't work Speech Recorder crashes (though Camera recording sound in video is...
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    should I Update my HAIPAD M701

    I don't think so. I haven't seen anyone post about any great advances in the #18x series. Just pray with us that a 2.2 really will come! :D
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    Problem with Moonse E7002 Reading SD Card

    Have you tried a different microsd card? I have a generic cheap 8gb card that is recognised in my PC and other devices, but hangs my tablet. Even after formatting multiple times. I gave up and went and bought a Kingston 8gb... Also, it may help if you use the sd card formatting utility...
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    M701-R Pinch Zoom sensitivity

    Most of the time when in the Browser app, I can use double tap to zoom in or zoom out :cool: . Just tap twice quickly on the screen (like a double click on mouse). Seems quicker than pinch to zoom, and I have some trouble with getting the zoom to the right size with pinch to zoom anyways...
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    Overheating M701-R

    I had a similar situation. I found the top right getting really hot. I pulled out the sdcard after powering off and it was burning hot! Tried it in the android again, and it was not recognised. I tried the sdcard in my computer and other devices, but it would not be recognised. Other sdcards...
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    Flickering lines on screen?

    Hi I've noticed there's annoying flickering lines on my screen in some cases. It's driving me crazy! Kind of hard to describe, but when in landscape orientation, the lines will flicker across the screen as it is updating. Seems to be more obvious when updating darker background I've noticed...
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    One Click Root for your M701/M701-R easy for Noobs like me!

    I successfully rooted my M701-R using the z4root app available as an attachment at the bottom of the first post here. Note:I could not find it in Market, and you will need to register to download the attachment.
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    Haipad posts "Bluetooth Applications"

    To confuse things even more, mine has a remote control, and has bluetooth. Got mine from Merimobiles this month - it's the 4GB HY NAND, and had BlueInput and BT File transfer preinstalled (ROM #185). BT file transfer speed is terrible - about 3KB/s. Even my old Nokia would do ~90KB/s. The rest...