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    VoIP on Android tablets?

    Thanks. My aPad is still in customs via DHL...been there for 4 days now as I see it online. I got another Android though, its a phone with 2.1 version and downloaded, installed CSipSimple (was searching for Cipsimple and I can not find it) and it works! I set up my Onesuite VoIP service and...
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    VoIP on Android tablets?

    Thanks I will check on that. I just bought an iPad clone from eBay today. I will probably receive it next week. BTW, I saw one aPad from ebay with a small device (lan card) attached to its USB port. Anyone used this thing? Does it work? Hows the reliability?
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    VoIP on Android tablets?

    Thanks. Any suggestion on what SIP app to use? BTW, I saw in ebay a tablet with a small device attached to it so you can connect a lan cable instead of wifi as I think wired connection is better for VoIP than wifi. How reliable are the small devices?
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    So how's the telechip based tablet performs compared with other chips?

    Sorry, I don't have much knowledge about tablet chips so this is all new to me. I might get an aPad which everyone knows has a telechip so I hope this chip is good.
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    Funny how the off topic forum is full of on topic threads

    I just find it odd that even the Off Topic section is full of Android Tablet threads. Makes me think that most people here are obsessed with the Android Tablets :)
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    Add phone capabilities to your tablet (original)

    Good thing I have Gizmo 5 and GV account since Grand Central (before Google bought them) days. This is good news as I need VoIP on my device. I use Onesuite VoIP as my regular VoIP service which I think is compatible with SipDroid, though I haven't tried it yet as I don't have my own tablet yet...
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    Tablet PC ?! Notebook !?

    Yeah as time goes wonder if those hinges will still hold
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    Is it possible to be too obsessed about Android Tablets?

    I think I'm getting obsessed too...need to get one this week.
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    VoIP on Android tablets?

    Guys I'm very much sold in getting an Android tablet (prolly the G10) I just want to know how is the performance for making VoIP calls. Is the wifi connection reliable enough for carrying a VoIP conversation? This is a make or break deal for me as I do calls with my Onesuite VoIP service...
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    Haipad M701 android 2.1 7" wide-touch screen WIFI G-sensor HD 1080P

    Planing to get this one this week. Any good or bad experience? Things I need to know first aside from sticking memory card or resistive screen?