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    Android Tablets Chew 30% Out of iPad's Marketshare

    It is also probably a new slice of the market created by android tablets for users who wouldn't get an iPad anyway either because of price or plain not liking Apple products.
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    just got 3.1 update in uk tonight

    GPS relies on statistics which were probably wiped out qith the update. Let it sit for up to 20 minutes searching for sats and it should be fine.
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    What is the best App Lock application?

    Sorry, I just tried it and I thing it is missing a couple of features for my likings. I like the lockers that have a misleading lock screen like a blank screen also I found the only portrait layout a bit uncomfortable. I will however be keeping tabs on your app. I like that it is lightweight and...
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    What is the best App Lock application?

    Thank you! I certainly have not tried it yet which I will do now
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    What is the best App Lock application?

    I have been testing them. The last one I have tried is Advances App Lock but so far all of them have been quirky or missing features. Do you recommend any of these apps in particular? Thank you!
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    tether app

    A couple of weeks ago PDANet released and then brought down PDANet Tablet Beta 2 which they claimed could tether from Blackberry to Android. It hasn't reappeared since then... Let's wait and see. It has been the only app to even claim to be able to do it and ao far there don't seem to be any...
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    Shutting down during sleep

    Happens to me too.
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    New PDANet Tablet version using VPS instead of proxy - help test with BlackBerry

    Hi all. I do not own an A500 yet because I own a BlackBerry Curve 8530 phone and I've seen it's pretty hard or impossible to tether from it. Now I've seen PDANet just released a new beta of their PDANet Tablet application ( that claims to...