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    [Rumor] ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Probably Coming End of April for $399

    I want to know about if honeycomb accepts bluetooth tethering too. That would be great because then I could use my phone's 3G to tether the tablet to.
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    how to delete gmail account?

    Hey all I did was the deregister thing, and I've got it rooted again with the dummy account for market. This should be ok right? It seemed like there were some other steps in that tutorial that i didn't take.
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    how to delete gmail account?

    Alright, well yeah I guess I'll deregister, and then reroot with a dummy gmail account. Thanks.
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    how to delete gmail account?

    Hey I need to know how to detete the gmail account on my rooted nook color. I want to sell the rooted nook, but I don't want someone messing with my email. I tried adding another gmail account, but I can't remove my gmail because it crashes when I try to go to account settings. Thanks.
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    And the devaluation of your Tablet has begun

    Yeah I'll probably sell my rooted nook soon, once some better tablets come out.
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    Custom Android Tab worth it?

    Sounds like a good price. But, is Honeycomb optimized for those cortex processors?
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    Are you a true Android Tablet fan?

    Keep it because it has some sweet apps that I can't seem to get on Android.
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    Are there others that bought the Notion Ink ADAM tablet

    I was gonna go for one, but I still haven't gotten a preorder mail. So I said screw it, and got a Nook color. But I still definitely want to see what will happen with NI over the next few months.
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    NOOKcolor Owners thread

    Just picked up a Nook color at B&N today! I'm glad I got it, so far I rooted it and put on a couple cool apps. Definitely want to put a custom ROM on soon.
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    Notion Ink First Batch Information

    The next round of orders is going to be very soon. I think they are trying to improve their system. I'm gonna go for it(if i'm even on the preorder list from NI hacks) because it's the only tablet with everything I want so far.
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    Powerpoint presentations in a group - app needed

    I know with Macs there are some administrative tools that let you control the other computers on a network. Seems like that is what you want, like a Remote Administrator Tool for ipads, and control multiple ipads. Maybe you could broadcast the presentation over a network server or something, I...
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    android green guy stuck in start up.

    There might be a button combo that resets the device, and formats it.
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    Notion Ink Pre-Orders Delayed Again - A PR Disaster Continues

    People on notionink hacks took an Adam apart, and the build quality was fine. But, yeah Notion Ink has been a pretty big dissapointment. I hope they don't go bankrupt.
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    Notion Ink Adam Pre-Orders Delayed Yet Again, Losing Supporters Fast

    Yeah and it doesn't have GPS does it? I've been seriously thinking of the Gtablet. Also I saw some guy on youtube withe the LG tablet somehow lol: @3:38.
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    Notion Ink Adam Pre-Orders Delayed Yet Again, Losing Supporters Fast

    Yeah I'm definitely going to wait until Notion Ink stops doing preorders, and starts doing regular orders. And, if another company comes out with a similar tablet, and similar price, I would rather go with that since I could always go return it to bestbuy or wherever if it has a defect.
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    Sony Playstation Suite to Officially Allow Android Hardware to Run PSOne Games

    The tablet is the controller! I'm guessing use the accelerometer for turning, and there will probably be a couple on screen controls. I've seen some youtube vids of the Archos 101 playing games like Quake, and Need for speed like this.
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    Stylus anyone

    Do you think it's just the quality of the app that is not good? Because I see people drawing some great stuff on the ipad, with some sophisticated drawing apps.
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    Notion Ink First Batch Information

    Maybe the update will help.
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    Notion Ink's Eden UI Ported to Work on Viewsonic gTablet

    I just read somewhere that the Adam ships with root access.
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    Has Motorola lost their mind? Some are now saying Xoom price will be $799.99

    Yeah, if that's the price, then more business will be sent to Apple lol.