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    Changing build.prop to allow my Rockchip 9706 to download from Google play

    I have a Fusion Premium + tablet running jelly bean with a Rockchip 9706 cpu - im having trouble downloading applications from Google play and they have told me that my tablet is unsupported. I believe there may be a way to change the build.prop or some config change to fool google play into...
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    Problems with Fusion premium +

    Ive recently purchased a Fusion Premium + tablet with Jelly Bean - am having trouble seeing certain apps in Google play - examples include Memory-Map charting software, MX Mariner. In google play it comes up as my device is incompatible or sometimes i cant see the app. If i access via a web...
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    Advice re BBC Iplayer

    Hi Recently purchased a Fusion Premium + tablet running jelly bean - i cant get the BBC Iplayer app working - the supplier (A1CS) have suggested the following "Settings>Debug> change it to android mode" - however there is now Debug section under settings. The iplayer opens a bbc mobile site...