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    Root progress!!!

    Full root for Nook Tablet. [11/20/11] - xda-developers
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    What's the difference between an app install and a package install?

    Not sure when you'd use one versus the other.
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    Best protection for Tablet?

    I use the Zagg screen protection devices for my other LCD based gadgets. Since the Tablet is the same size as the Nook Color I went to see what they had for the Color, figuring it should fit on the Tablet. I saw they have a screen protector and a couple of other models that look like they're...
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    It's here!

    NOOKLET! NOOKLET! NOOKLET! On a whim I decided to stop at my local B&N when I left work. Sure enough they had the Tablet on display and on sale. I took the chance that since my pre-order was kind of late that it wouldn't have shipped yet. I picked it up at the store (with member discount) and...
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    Is it the Kindle or Nook app that provides the reading experience?

    IOW, are the reading features that make the Kindle and Nook great readers (font selection and sizing, paging, bookmarks etc) provided by an app that can be installed on a different Android tablet, or is it something embedded in the tweaked OS?
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    Who offers something like a Lenovo A1?

    But with 1GB of RAM and a dual core, for not much more money? (think - front and rear cams, well made, high bang for the buck... offline GPS a bonus but not a deal breaker)
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    Anyone know how Lenovo will support map updates for A1 GPS?

    Having a built in GPS sounds great, but is there any indication of what maps are used, and how updates will be supported?
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    Is a tablet without a camera at a disadvantage?

    I've been drooling at the thought of getting the new Nook Tablet, but to get the most from a new tablet is a cam of great necessity? I'm thinking primarily of those new coded "widget" squares that are popping up all over the place (in magazines and the like). Without a cam to read those things...
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    Are there any Amazon apps which cannot be emulated on a regular Android OS?

    I know for someone like me (bigtime Amazon user and Prime member) getting a Kindle Fire should be a no-brainer. But as a dyed in the wool PC DIYer I have a problem with a device that does not offer any real expandability. I've already found out how to get the Prime streaming video service...
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    I'm an Amazon Prime member - can I use something other than a Kindle Fire?

    I'd get one but without a root kit (yet) I don't like that it has somewhat limited capabilities compared to a full blown Android. OTOH as an Amazon Prime member I can get access to a whole load of streaming content for free with a Kindle Fire. I've been waiting to see what the Nook Color 2...
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    Saying hello

    Hi everybody. I'm a long time DIY PC builder and universal remote owner. Several years ago I had an early "tablet" at work, one of the first HP clamshell jobs with a display that rotated around a really neat hinge. Can't remember the model number, but back in 2006 it was the bomb. Also have a...