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    Archos to Launch 13.3-Inch FamilyPad in the UK Next Month

    I wanted that toshiba 13! but I was never able to find it for sale! and no one would ever give an answer even from toshiba.
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    Google's Samsung Nexus 10 Photos & Specs Supposedly Leaked

    ha, I want to be the one guy that is finally willing to stand up and say "looks don't matter! It's the inside that counts!" but then I actually see the girl (or tablet in this case) and wonder why it had to be the ugliest girl in the whole school the one time I stand up and say something. Wow...
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    Toshiba Excite 13 64GB in stock on Amazon for under $530!!

    I haven't seen a lot of excitement for this tablet, but I've been waiting since I first heard about it! Its been like something thats so secret that the fact that it's a secret is a secret. I can't get anyone to reply to posts asking about it's release or any info what so ever! But apparently...
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    Hyundai Jumps into the Android Tablet Game in Rusia with Three New Tablets

    So the biggest tablet has lower resolution?
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    Apple Patents the Wedge Design

    Again, my number 1 question is how apple gets these patents in the first place?! They are not the first ones to have something wedge shaped! Regardless of it being reasonable or a good idea. Google should fight back by getting patents on every color they can come up with
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    Does .04 inches really matter?!

    Well if most people want them, that's fine, but there has to be plenty of people who would rather have more power/battery. My guess would be that those market studies are ipad users mostly
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    Does .04 inches really matter?!

    This is ultimately a message for tablet makers, but it starts with consumers: I've been checking out all kinds of reviews for different tablets because I've finally justified getting one. What I've noticed is the same complaint that I have about all the phones. Every review acts like if a...
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    release date?

    do we know of a release date for the Toshiba Excite 13? I, unfortunately, think it's going to fail since it's too expensive for people to try it out, but maybe I'll be able to wait a few months and get one for cheap that way, haha
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    EXCITE 13 looks like a GREAT tablet

    I'm pretty sure this is what I'll be getting if I do pull the trigger on a tablet. The whole point is that phones are too small for most leisure activities and even some important things. I mean, they work, but its always nice to have a bigger screen. It could have better specs, but I definitely...
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    Acer Iconia A700 Tablet Now On Sale and In Stock at Acer Store for $449.99

    I'm so tempted to get this, but that transformer infinity pad looks so awesome.
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    New member with a question about Kai Platform

    Hey guys, I finally took the 10 seconds and registered for the site! Mostly because I want to know exactly what the Kai platform I've been hearing about it before I go buy a tablet. I am pretty sure I'll be getting an ASUS Transformer TF300, because I can get a used one for around $350 and it...