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    Google Play Store Photo app

    I'd welcome suggestions for downloading a free (or iinexpensive) app especially suited for taking pictures of 8.5 x 11 inch pages of typed text using the rear-facing camera on the Hannspree 13.3 inch tablet. Thanks. ...wdc
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    Hannspree 13.3" tablet camera app

    Re the camera on my Hannsprey 13.3” tablet (model SN14T71) with Android version 4.2.2 – the instructions in “Android Tablets for Dummies” seem to be talking about a completely different animal than what I have. <<<Can someone please refer me to a set of camera instructions that are applicable...
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    Word Processor On Android?

    With Android (such as I have on my Hannspree 13.3 “ tablet) ... is there a function\app similar to WORD (or any other text processor) on a PC? Something that lets me write and store a memo? If it’s there I haven’t recognized it. Thanks. wdc
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    Changing font size

    On my Hannspree tablet with Android ... The text that appears on a web site is way too big. Please tell me how I change the size of the text.Thanks. ... wdc
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    Using cameras on the Hannspree 13.3" tablet

    Can someone please point me to an explanation of the icons on the camera app? How do I: a. Take a photo using the rear-facing camera? b. How do I adjust the size of the picture? Can I do that BEFORE I snap the picture? Thanks. wdc
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    Using Cameras on Tablet

    Are the control icons for taking photos the same for all tablets? I am new to my Hannspree 13" tablet and can't figure out how to use the camera. Can someone please tell me: 1. How to take a picture with the front camera (of myself). 2. Same with the back camera (of a book page for example). 3...
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    Book on Hannspree?

    Is there a book or a URL that explains the features of the Hannspree 13.1 inch tablet? I need to learn how to use the cameras. ...wdc