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    Talking Tom, Talking Ben, etc, NOT working on rooted Nook Color

    So I got a Nook Color and rooted it (having a great time playing with it). I wanted to be able to put the various OUTFIT7 games (Talking Tom, Talking Ben, etc) but it doesn't seem to be working very good on it. The sound isn't right and they freeze randomly. Has anyone been able to get them...
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    Velocity Micro Cruz T301 7" 2GB Tablet VS Eken M009S.... which one to buy?

    Greetings, I'm looking for a CHEAP tablet to buy. It only needs to be able to play ripped DVD's (most likely MP4 files) and play a few children's apps from the app store. I definitely want to spend under $100 for each. I see there's a black friday deal on the Velocity Micro Cruz T301 for...