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    READ if your YouTube app suddenly starting crashing (known issue)

    This post is to inform everyone of this weird, but known issue with YouTube that seems to have started earlier today (2-8-2012) out of the blue. It is also to prevent a ton of panicky questions asking for help in regards to this issue (hopefully it will help, but we will see). It is unknown...
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    Have you found the bee?

    Go to Settings, About Tablet, and rapidly tap on the Android Version. Watch out, because this will scare him out and onto your homescreen!! Don't get stung ;) Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
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    Photo Browser 3D force close on 3.1?

    My "Photo Browser 3D" program is force closing upon start. It starts up, shows a black screen (only) for a few seconds, then a force close message pops up. I cant figure out what the deal is though. I have tried restarting my tablet and even a FACTORY RESET, but nothing is fixing the problem...
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    Honeycomb 3.1 Installation help thread

    I am starting this thread for those having issues installing their 3.1 update to be able to post their problems and hopefully get help. To start, the update in question is system update 4.010.08 and is 122.70MB. I am one of these people having trouble getting the update to install :/ I have...
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    Navitech case review

    Im posting this because it was requested from someone in a different thread. I live in the USA and had ordered the black Navitech Acer Iconia A500 case from a UK seller through the Amazon UK website. Navitech Black Executive Premium Leather Flip Carry: Electronics I already wrote...
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    Is there an update for the Nemo Player?

    I just received the Iconia tab Media Dock today. Its ok, but I was really excited about the remote control... only to discover that I cannot navigate the video selection screen with it for some reason. I plug the tab into the media dock and Nemo Player opens. I then select Videos, but that is...
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    How to mount NTFS drives (link to instructions inside; personally tested; WORKS!)

    I ran across this today and was quite shocked to learn that mounting NTFS drives IS possible on the Acer Iconia A500 (must be rooted) with the help of a simple apk file. Follow the instructions in the following link. Seriously, it will only take you like 5 minutes at the most (depending on...
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    Playing VOBs, MKVs and MPGs?

    Since our tablets dont support vob, mkv, and mpg formats, I was wondering if anyone had some tricks to playing these formats. I have tried Moboplayer, ArcMedia, Rockplayer, and finally payed for Buzzplayer. ArcMedia plays nothing at all... keeps returning me to the home screen...
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    Ecternal memory card getting corrupted?

    [EDIT] Sorry for the typo in the thread title. :/ I was PO'd to discover last night that my new 32GB microSD card suddenly became corrupted while in my A500! It took me a Windows chkdsk run to get it functioning again and I then had to use the free program Recuva in order to retrieve all of my...