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    MID 7 Gerneric 1.6 -- Can i update firmware?

    Noone seems to have any access or idea where to get the firmware from on here. I have asked in another thread with the same lack of response.
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    Which Tablet Do I Have?

    Well I guess I was wrong about all the clever people on here. 130 views and not one response that will help at all. Oh well thanks and bye all.
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    Which Tablet Do I Have?

    Yeah I get that it's not the greatest tablet in the world but my wife was happy with it when it was working. Does anyone know what Firmware I need to get it going again so she can use it and get off my case?
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    Which Tablet Do I Have?

    Right I have no idea what tablet I have as my wife (who it was bought for) said it told her to press the menu button and it restarted and wouldn't go past the green man with the following details. Android OS 2.2 Kernel 2.6.32 Build Number 1.3.1 On the box it says MID tablet. I have tried to...
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    Hi all

    Hi everyone. I'm Andy and I'm looking forward to picking the brains of all you clever people. Speak to you all soon.