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    Smart Stay in New Update?

    Hey team, I haven't got my Tab with me at the moment but I believe I saw the Smart Stay feature in the settings. Will that work on the SGT2 7.0 or is it something that only the phones use or newer tabs? Cheers Paul
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    JB 4.2.2 Update

    Hey Team, I haven't seen a lot on the latest update regarding the SGT 2 7.0. What does everyone think? Personally, I'm not keen on the new look but operationally it seems ok I guess. no issues that I've noticed... so far. What say you?
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    Line Down the Right Side Of My Tab

    Hey Team, A line has appeared running top to bottom (or is that bottom to top!!!! :cool: ). It won't go away at all. Is this the beginning of the end of the display? I've tried restarting the tab but it still there. During the update I could see it as well. Any ideas on how to clear it...
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    Charging Issue

    An issue that seems to have appeared recently (not sure how long to be honest) is that my tab has to be turned off to charge. If I connect power when it's turned on a small red "x" appears over the battery icon where the lightning bolt normally is. The tab definitely recognizes it's plugged in...
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    DVD Catalyst 4 - SGT 7 7.0 Update

    Just to let everyone know, DVD Catalyst 4 has an update that now includes the SGT 2 7.0 No I'm not associated with the product other than I've brought it and highly recommend it for movie conversions. Home of DVD Catalyst 4 - convert fast and easy AVI DVD MKV to Bionic Droid iPad3 iPhone4 iPod...
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    Unusable Areas Of The Screen

    Hey Team, I've just got myself a SGT 7 and think it's pretty good so far. I've been a Nook Color (running CM7) user for almost a couple of years now so am reasonably comfortable with Android, although not ICS. Something that does bother me about the Tab is the seemingly unusable area of the...
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    New Nook Color/Tablet Coming????

    Hey Team, Someone I know who is normally pretty good on true gossip mentioned to me the other day that he read that a new Nook is being released in October. A quick search has found nothing. Anyone else heard about it?
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    NC Locking Up After Being Fully Charged

    Hey Team, I have CM7 on my NC and am generally very happy with it. The only thing that annoys me a bit is that it seems to lock up once fully charged. The backlighting is on at a very low level and pressing the n or power button does nothing. A long press of the power button will power it off...
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    Bugger, I broke it :-(

    Well, the subject line says it all. I have CM7 installed complete with GApps. They have been on it for about a month and I have been reasonably happy. The only little annoyance is that it seemed to be a little slow and not as smooth as it should be. So I went to the Nook Tools (I think that's...
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    Nook App', Possible to change book view?

    Hey Team, My Nook is running CM7 very successfully and I'm more than happy with it. One problem I have is that when I run the Nook app' the page has a view of the books I've downloaded. The view shows something similar to the front covers of the actual books. Several of the books are part of a...
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    CM& - Wifi connected but no surfing etc.

    Hi Team, I upgraded to CM7 V7.1.0 a couple of days ago and all seems pretty good so far except that the wifi has stopped working. It was working last night and I was able to go to the market and get some app's with no problems and browse using Opera Mini. Today, the NC can see, and appears to...
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    Lost Volume on uSD

    Hey team, I know this has been covered elsewhere but for the life of me I can't find it so advance apologies for asking... In the process of setting up a uSD to run CM7 from the uSD it has been formatted to 117MB (it's a 16GB card). I was half expecting this and I know there is a process to...
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    Playing DivX AVIs?

    I know I'm being a little lazy here but there is sooo much information in the many many threads/posts that I thought I'd just ask, is there a good player that will play DivX AVIs? Thanks Paul
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    Reset Issue

    I've only gone so far as rooting my v1.01 NC and I'm more than happy with it for what I want to do. The only issue I have is that it resets reasonably often (only after being idle for a few minutes). I know this is a known issue but I haven't seen any mention if it's been fixed in a later...
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    "Alt-Enter" equivalent?

    Is there an alt-enter equivalent when using the NC? If I'm surfing and I see a mail notification its easy enough to check the mail by tapping the notification. But now, if I want to go back to the browser I have to go back to the home screen (the n key) and reopen my browser. This seems a...
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    NC Instances Of Resetting Increasing

    Hey There, My NC is rooted with the V1.01 upgrade. It has always reset every now and again, always when idle. This issue has been well reported in other posts. But recently the number of times that it resets has increased. So much so that the battery has run flat overnight from being about...
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    The Nook Color, Is there No End To It's Versatility???

    Check this out... Nook Color turned into in-dash car stereo Now it's an in car stereo!!!
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    Gmail, marking all read

    Is there a way to mark all as read in gmail? I have an indication that there are 9 unread emails but cannot find them. It's not a biggy, more an annoyance. Sent from my Nook Color
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    Has anyone got Skype (just the messaging, obviously ) running? When I try I get to the title page and that's it. Sent from my Nook Color
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    Seperating App's

    Is there a way to add folders to the page where the app's are? At the moment there are dozens of app's and it would be nice to clean the page up a bit. Thanks, Paul Sent from my Nook Color