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    Toshiba Excite 13 64GB in stock on Amazon for under $530!!

    I haven't seen a lot of excitement for this tablet, but I've been waiting since I first heard about it! Its been like something thats so secret that the fact that it's a secret is a secret. I can't get anyone to reply to posts asking about it's release or any info what so ever! But apparently...
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    Does .04 inches really matter?!

    This is ultimately a message for tablet makers, but it starts with consumers: I've been checking out all kinds of reviews for different tablets because I've finally justified getting one. What I've noticed is the same complaint that I have about all the phones. Every review acts like if a...
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    release date?

    do we know of a release date for the Toshiba Excite 13? I, unfortunately, think it's going to fail since it's too expensive for people to try it out, but maybe I'll be able to wait a few months and get one for cheap that way, haha
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    New member with a question about Kai Platform

    Hey guys, I finally took the 10 seconds and registered for the site! Mostly because I want to know exactly what the Kai platform I've been hearing about it before I go buy a tablet. I am pretty sure I'll be getting an ASUS Transformer TF300, because I can get a used one for around $350 and it...