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    How To Set Ringtone For Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Tablet

    1. On the main screen go to settings 2. Find the sound & Notification option 3. Tap on that, it will show the list of ringtones 4. Choose your ringtone and then apply...
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    Game Recommendation?

    Clash of Clans is recommended
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    Question About Mount Internal SD Card Memory

    Android doesn't support NTFS ( New Technology File System)
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    List of Android App Review Sites

    Great info...thanks for sharing the post..
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    Jigsaw Puzzle Slow To Resume Game

    Interesting games..thanks for sharing the post..
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    X-CORE. Galactic Plague

    Very interesting game...
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    How to Transfer from iPhone to Android: The Complete Guide

    Good to know about this..thanks for sharing the useful info..
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    How To Wipe Your Phone Or Tablet Before You Sell It

    Useful article..thanks for sharing the post..
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    BlueTooth File Manager App?

    Try using "Bluetooth File transfer" app
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    SD Card

    You can try an app from playstore, to move apps from Lenovo mobile to SD card
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    Game Recommendation?

    Temple Run2 and Clash of clans are good games..
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    30 Best Android Games of 2014

    Useful info..thanks for sharing the post..
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    [GUIDE] Transferring Files To And From Tablet

    Detailed explanation..thanks for sharing the post..
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    Pokemon Go

    Its a very nice and good game..
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    The 45 Best Android Games Of 2017

    Nice games list..thanks for sharing the post..
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    Free Spy Apps For Android Tablets

    Search in google play store you can find soo many spy apps and i suggest that copy9 is the good spy app..
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    Best Phone For Listening To Music

    Moto g5s plus is the best phone for listening music..
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    Touch Screen Not Working

    Its may be hardware problem..better to repair ..
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    Need New Android Tablet

    Very useful information..thanks for posting..