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    Removing personal info without flashing firmware

    I am thinking about selling my a500 and would like to remove registration/market login info BUT I would like to leave it flashed and rooted with taboonay 2.1. Is this possible? Paul Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
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    I seem to have lost the ability to load live wallpapers

    I flashed from 3.01 rooted to the closest to stock 3.2 Tom I could find. Everything seemed to work just fine for several weeks until I wanted to change to a new live wallpaper. My join fish one was working fine but I wanted to switch to a new one. Live wallpaper is no longer an option when I...
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    App2sd that will move apps to external_SD?

    Is there a version of app2sd that works with the a500, moving apps to the external_SD? Paul Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
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    Window N50DT tablet?

    I just purchased a Window N50DT after watching a couple youtube reveiws. It is basically for a media and gaming device when I do not want to use my Acer Iconia. The specs are as follows: 8GB (?) Manufacturer: Window (?) CPU...
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    File Sharing that will share externalSD

    I have found several solutions that will let you share the SD card directory via Samba or WebDav but none that will let me share the external sd. Anyone know of an android app that will do this? I would like to be able to share both directories. Is there a way to create a symbolic link to...
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    What is best size for making Wallpaper for a500?

    I am wanting to make some custom wallpapers for my a500. What size should I make them? Thanks
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    Google Voice on the Iconia

    There is a post by pbrauer in the Honeycomb OS forum that has a link to a hacked version of Google Voice that works in Honeycomb. I installed it on my Iconia last night and the TXTing part of it works just fine. I...
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    OpenOffice editor in the works?

    Anyone know of an OpenOffice compatible editor in the works? I would like to be able to edit Oo write and calc files. I read that the Asus Transformer came with one installed but I have not been able to find anything about one for other tablets Cen5
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    Inexpensive stand on ebay.

    I found an Inexpensive stand on ebay. See: Multi Angle Stand Suitable For All Tablet PCs iPad 8133 - eBay (item 280663117699 end time May-19-11 18:38:29 PDT) It ships from asia, but arrived quickly. It is on the small side but works well for the a500. I got one for my office and one for...
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    How do I view HTML files from local storage?

    I would like to be able to view .html files that are stored on local storage. I can open them in view mode within an android html editor, but I would rather tap on them in a file manager and have them open in Dolphin or even the default web browser. Is this possible? I am using a rooted Acer...
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    ASUS is going to lose out...

    I first heard about the Asus Transformer the first part of January and I started saving my spare money to get one when it came out. First was the UK release which failed because they did not provide adequate inventory. Then they made a big hoopla about the US release. I figured they had to...
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    OpenOffice compatible suite?

    I need an office app that will let me open and edit OpenOffice text and spreadsheet documents for Honeycomb. Is onyone working on one that will be out soon? I know that Polaris office is on the Asus Transformer, but I have an Acer Iconia and I would like to edit documents from work. We use...
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    Why is Asus in "Wireless Carrier Backed Brands?"

    Why is Asus in "Wireless Carrier Backed Brands?" I do not remember seeing that they were tied to any data plans like the Galaxy or the Xoom. Cen5
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    When is the USA release?

    I am thinking about getting a Asus Transformer and I am wondering if there is a USA release date yet? I know that several web sites jumped the gun and listed it but was curious if there is an official date yet. Cen5
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    Trouble charging AND with Velocity Micro....

    I bought a Cruz Reader in early december from Meritline. I have been noticing recently that the charge light goes out and you have to wiggle the cable or device to get it back on. This device is only 4 months old and has been gently used. When I contacted Velocity Micro about warranty...
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    Progress on BlueTooth and is the USB host available?

    I was just wondering if any progress had been made on enabling bluetooth? I would love to use an external keyboard from time to time or a wireless headset. Also if you use a Micro USB Type B Male to USB A Female, can us connect a usb keyboard or a thumb drive to a rooted Nook? Cen5
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    Installing Nook Color Tools so I can install NON market software

    I have a 1.0 NC that is rooted and all seems to work well with the exception of installing non Market Software. I could not install the Nook Color Tools in the /system/app directory. That directory is protected. I installed it as an app using wirelessADB and the app installs and the "Install...
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    New NC owner with a couple questions

    Ok, I have rooted my Nook Color 1.0.0 successfully. I have been using it for a week or so now and I am enjoying it. Should I go through the process to update to 1.0.1 or stay with 1.0 until a stable update to Android 2.2 is available Overall I am happy with things as they are. Cen5
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    Best Video Conversion setting for playing on Nook

    I would like to convert AVI videos to a format that is best suited for nook color. I have the software. What I need to know is what resolution, bitrate and framerate would work best? Cen5
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    Some advice on Mobile WifI Options please

    I am wanting to come up with a mobile broadband solution to use with my Android tablet and laptop. It has to be wifi, is my biggest requirement. I have three options I am looking at. First is Cricket's broadband and their Mifi device, second is VirginMobile's broadband and their Mifi device...