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    Help please someone. Tablet just starts up in calibration mode then hangs

    I did this to my epad too, just keep going through the calibration screens it will eventually finish, reboot and if the screen comes up again go through the calibration again once that happens you should be good to go.
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    Need replacement charger with OTG plug

    I have a Epad with CPU:Cortex A8 800Mhz,Chipset::Freescale it charges via the OTG plug and my charger is broken. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? The company I bought my Epad is not very helpful and I would prefer not to buy from them again. Thanks in advance Mary
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    E book Reader Apps including Kindle & Nook

    I found this site that has a download of a number of E book reader apps for android including Kindle & Nook. Android Reading Apps Review and APK Installation Pack | The eBook Reader Blog I have Kindle working on my 8" tablet with android 2.2 Nook is loaded but I'm having trouble logging into...
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    Help - Formatted the internal sd card on a 8 inch A8 Pad Cortex-A8

    I have a similar model, you have to click through the 5 points twice. once you do that is should work calibrate and work as normal.
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    Media File Share for Apps

    I was wondering if anyone has signed up with Media File Share to get access to apk files. Do they work and is it worth the money?
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    possible e-store

    I've been thinking about doing the same thing, I would most likely do an e-store, ebay and amazon. My only concern would be suppling tech support I've done it in the past but I'm new to Android and Linux.
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    possible e-store

    Actually I was thinking about opening an online store for tablets too :) I do web design and have been playing with Drupal for a couple of years. My biggest concern would giving the proper tech support, I've done it in the past but I don't know much about Android or Linux.
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    Hello from NH

    I purchased it from Yuqi Electronics which I found on Alibaba, they offer a 1 year warranty if they tablet should stop working. I paid $213 which included UPS shipping and paypal fees. It's a nice little tablet my only issue is it does not have Google Market on it and I'm having a hard time...
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    From your experience... how long from China to you - via shipping?

    My first one took 7 days (USPS) the screen was cracked so it went back to the seller (ebay) that took 10 days (Priority Mail). The second one took 5 days via UPS. From what I have experienced it can take 24-48 hours for it to go through Customs. I should add I'm in New Hampshire so it has to...
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    Hello from NH

    Hi Everyone I recently purchased an 8" tablet with Android 2.2. My main reason for getting it was for an e book reader and as a web designer to test my web sites on a mobile device. I also wanted to become more familiar with Android. Mary M.