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  1. AuntieParticle

    Samsung Push Service

    Since the update to 4.1.2 I keep getting a notification that says "Samsung Push Service. New version available. Install now." When is tap it Samsung Apps comes up with the message "Product does not exist in this store (4002)" It repeats every few days or so. Has anyone else been seeing this...
  2. AuntieParticle

    Multi Window apps list?

    Yesterday I was trying out a new Reddit apps called Reddit News Free and I noticed that it has multi window capability. Seems more apps are coming out with this capability though the app discription doesn't always mention it. I'm wondering if there's a list somewhere that lists all multi window...
  3. AuntieParticle

    Received an update to my Note 10.1

    Just for the heck of it I checked for software update in settings this morning. Much to my surprise there was one so I downloaded and installed it. It was 75.51mb and settings show I'm still on 4.0.4. I didn't check the previous build number but after the update it's now IMM76D.N8013UEAL13. So...
  4. AuntieParticle

    Lock screen weather doesn't update Note 10.1

    I have added the weather to my lock screen. I have set the update interval to 1 hour in Settings - Security - lock screen options. But the weather still doesn't update properly. It very rarely updates when it updates at all. Is anyone else seeing this? Is there a fix? Sent from my GT-N8013
  5. AuntieParticle

    New Galaxy Note 10.1 :-)

    I recently purchased a Galaxy Note 10.1. Before that I owned an Acer Iconic a 500 for about a year, which I have now passed on to my son. I enjoyed that a500 and was moderately active on the Acer Tablet Forum. I have really been wanting a pressure sensitive stylus for drawing and sketching on my...
  6. AuntieParticle

    USB Female adapter for Galaxy Note 10.1?

    Does anyone know if this item will work with the Galaxy Note 10.1 or if there is a similar one for the Note. I seem to only be able to find ones listed for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Thanks, Auntie Sent from my A500