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    Need replacement charger with OTG plug

    I have a Epad with CPU:Cortex A8 800Mhz,Chipset::Freescale it charges via the OTG plug and my charger is broken. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? The company I bought my Epad is not very helpful and I would prefer not to buy from them again. Thanks in advance Mary
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    E book Reader Apps including Kindle & Nook

    I found this site that has a download of a number of E book reader apps for android including Kindle & Nook. Android Reading Apps Review and APK Installation Pack | The eBook Reader Blog I have Kindle working on my 8" tablet with android 2.2 Nook is loaded but I'm having trouble logging into...
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    Media File Share for Apps

    I was wondering if anyone has signed up with Media File Share to get access to apk files. Do they work and is it worth the money?
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    Hello from NH

    Hi Everyone I recently purchased an 8" tablet with Android 2.2. My main reason for getting it was for an e book reader and as a web designer to test my web sites on a mobile device. I also wanted to become more familiar with Android. Mary M.