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    Removing personal info without flashing firmware

    I am thinking about selling my a500 and would like to remove registration/market login info BUT I would like to leave it flashed and rooted with taboonay 2.1. Is this possible? Paul Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
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    I seem to have lost the ability to load live wallpapers

    I flashed from 3.01 rooted to the closest to stock 3.2 Tom I could find. Everything seemed to work just fine for several weeks until I wanted to change to a new live wallpaper. My join fish one was working fine but I wanted to switch to a new one. Live wallpaper is no longer an option when I...
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    App2sd that will move apps to external_SD?

    Is there a version of app2sd that works with the a500, moving apps to the external_SD? Paul Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
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    Bluetooth keyboard folio

    Umm, Nope. I picked the pseudonym "CenturionFive" in 1984 when I signed onto my first BBS with my IBM PCjr and a 300bps modem. The "Centurion" part was drawn from The Robe by Lloyd Cassel Douglas and the fact that we had a Cessna 210 Centurion at the time. Where "Five" came...
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    An App Question .

    For years I used Laridian's bible program on my windows phone and desktop but they are WAY behind when it comes to Android. They only have an early ALPHA version that has been released to thier users that have been clamoring to see something for andoid. It is understandable because they have a...
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    Rooting after 3.2 OTA upgrade?

    The point of using a widget to power off is not about the difficulty pressing the button, but repeatedly pressing a mechanical button to lock the screen or power off eventually wears out the button. Tapping an on onscreen widget saves wear and tear on the device. A phone is a device that is...
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    Rooting after 3.2 OTA upgrade?

    There are A LOT of reasons to bother The top two on my list are ability to run SMB filesharing and the ability to run utilities like an on screen power off button. <rant> On phones I understand why they might not want you to have root but on tablets it is just manufacturers being control...
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    Bluetooth keyboard folio

    The one at the amazon link is USB not Bluetooth... Cen5 Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
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    Help: I need to edit text

    The "Hackers Keyboard" works very well on a tablet. Also, "Jota" is a good text editor if you are editing straight ascii text. Cen5 Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
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    Window N50DT tablet?

    Well, it arrived. Spent more time in customs than actually in transit, but it's here. It is a sturdy piece of hardware and it performs about like I expected. It plays video (Davi, mkv. & mp4) and music just fine. It has played games and productivity apps just fine. The wifi has been rock...
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    Window N50DT tablet?

    My new 5" tablet is on its way finally. I paid extra for Express Mail, hoping it gets here soon... I will update when it arrives.
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    Window N50DT tablet?

    I just purchased a Window N50DT after watching a couple youtube reveiws. It is basically for a media and gaming device when I do not want to use my Acer Iconia. The specs are as follows: 8GB (?) Manufacturer: Window (?) CPU...
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    File Sharing that will share externalSD

    I have found several solutions that will let you share the SD card directory via Samba or WebDav but none that will let me share the external sd. Anyone know of an android app that will do this? I would like to be able to share both directories. Is there a way to create a symbolic link to...
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    OpenOffice editor in the works?

    LibreOffice is a fork of the OpenOffice project and has been available for some time. There is no Android app that will edit ods or odt files though.
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    Root after 3.1 update

    I rooted it in less than 5 minutes. I wish Clockwork Recovery worked...
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    What is best size for making Wallpaper for a500?

    I am wanting to make some custom wallpapers for my a500. What size should I make them? Thanks
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    Acer Iconia a100

    I have had an a500 since they hit the shelves at BestBuy. I like it a lot but I am not sure if I like a 10" screen. I had a hacked/rooted nook and really like the 7" form factor for reading. I was considering selling this one when the a100 released but I just read some discouraging news...
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    Task Manager

    I cannot get used to the fact that the OS "handles" it for you. If I want to close an app by gum I want to close it. Even programs that have QUIT or EXIT options really do not close, they pretend too. Cen5
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    Can you recommend an Android tablet with 512 MB RAM under $250?

    Get a Nook Color and flash it with the phiremod firmware. That would give you a 512meg Honeycomb tablet. I used one for 6 months and really liked it. It's only $250 Cen5 Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
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    Riot Outfitters Leather Case Review with PICS

    Just use a MicroSD USB adapter and use the USB port... Cen5