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    Anyone figured out charging over usb ?

    or its just not possible due to power requirements ? i read somewhere (google search term usb charging pandigital novel) that to use usb charging, there has to be dc to dc convertor attached to convert 5 Volts of usb to make it 12 volts which the novel requires. I am not sure whether that will...
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    ad hoc wifi connection ?

    hi all, the tablet is working great after tweaking with all the help here. I am using mywi on iphone, but the tablet does not recognize the wifi availability. mywi as i have a read is an ad hoc device to device connection. has anyone tried to figure this out. this would make is great to use...
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    Done with Android tablets for now !!!

    well, after 3 tablets, first one cheap, 2nd one mid level, 3rd according to reviews good one and expensive.. i am done with android tablets at this moment of time. I would be toying with my tablet to make wifi work, changing the ROM's with wifi boost etc, power conserve.. whatever.. i am...
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    generic flytouch wifi problem 7" 256 via 8505

    Hi, I have the MID 7" with via 8505 chip, 2gb, 256. I have tried several ROM's they work, but there is a problem with all of them. the wifi connections seems to be very unstable. if there a way to boost up wifi connection, looks more like a hardware problem. what can be done ? any inputs. thanks
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    firmware where to find ?

    Hi Is there a place i can download this firmware Android OS 1.6 Build WMT2.0_88, which was the original one on the tablet. i flashed it to WMT2.0_105 but the touch screen stopped working, started fine, but touchscreen stopped. my tablet is the usual via chip, 2GB ram, Irobot MID 7" thanks.