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    Lenovo Tablet Yoga 10 S8000

    Is the Yoga10 tablet a THINKPAD OR IDEAPAD ?
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    Lenovo Yoga10 Tablet - o/s Jelly Bean 4.2 - Can the micro USB port on my tablet be used for more than charging - i.e. Flash drive - in & out. ? Thx. Ken
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    Tablet Storage Transfer

    LENOVO YOGA10 TABLET - o/s Jelly Bean 4.2 . How do I access the external 16mb SD card & how do I interchange files between it & the internal storage & vica versa ? Tx. Ken
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    Yoga10 Micro USB

    What exactly are the functions of the micro USB port besides charging ?
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    Invisible Password

    Is there a program available to allow the user to see password entries WHILE typing instead of *********** ?
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    Lenovo Yoga10 Tablet

    How do I turn on cookies ? :mad:
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    Are cookies contolled by the device settings or browser settings ?
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    Lenovo Yoga10 tablet

    Does my tablet have 'in & out' phone capabilities?
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    Añdroid Tablet Audio Mix

    My earphone volume right ear is 2x the left ! Is there a program that allows various audio mix including balance ?
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    Question About Lenovo Yoga10 Tablet

    Can I transfer files from my internal & SD to a micro flash drive via the tablet mini USB port ?
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    Lenovo tablet yoga10 vodeos on TV

    Using suggested tablet to TV hookup (MHL convertor to HDMI cable to TV HDMI 2 port) but getting TV black screen & message - "HDMI 2 - No signal) ! Is there any special tablet prep I'm overlooking ? Ken