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  1. gamewarrior66

    Information needed for Coby Kyros 8024, Thanks!

    Ok first off it would be nice if someone could post a link to some youtube video for rooting a Kyros 8024, or 7024. i getting the 8024 but ever one says they root the same. Also i was wondering can i automatically use .apk to download apps to the coby tablet. Or do i have to root the tablet...
  2. gamewarrior66

    Hello ever one, nice to meet you all :) !!!!!!!!!!

    First off i will start off by saying hello, on here i'm gamewarrior66 but my real name is Steven. I found this site looking up information on an android tablet i am buying and it is actully on its way to me now. I am getting a Coby Kyro 8024. Its probably one of the cheaper tablets out right...