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    Hello everybody

    Well I'm not very new here but I never got around to do one of these so. Hello everyone just decided to introduce myself to the gourmet my name is Steve I currently reside in York Pennsylvania I'm only 14 but I know android and its working my five devices I tinker with are as follows, evo 4g my...
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    5.0 ghz question

    was wondering if anybody on here know how to activate the wireless N band on the bestbuy s7. I've edited the nmode in the hex to ----- no luck :( any ideas?
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    S7 boot loop :((((

    Formated via in the settings menu now i get a recovery screen saying formatting data and cache and it just sits there any ideas?
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    Root s7 2.2.2 via application confirmed working

    download link here then install :xda-developers were rooted everyone :) EDIT: 10/28/11 about to make a video tutorial should be up in a few days
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    OOVOO for s7

    confirmed working cannot be found on market apk file here :MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service