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  1. PeteDee

    My Acer Iconia Tab A500 has gotting the 3.2 update

    I saw it pop up a couple of days ago but only downloaded it yesterday, all looks fine so far. I haven't checked to see what has changed yet. I am in Australia by the way. Pete
  2. PeteDee

    3.2 update = Mid September

    downloading it now, 350Mb so is probably 3.2.
  3. PeteDee

    New Name for Android

    Or it could be called Apples Whipping Boy.
  4. PeteDee

    3.2 update = Mid September

    Would you prefer that they release it when it is not fully working? 3.1 as far as I can see is working fine, well better than fine for me, what do you need fixed? Pete
  5. PeteDee

    3.2 update delayed till Sept 10th

    Looks like we are on the winner already, more cream to come soon. I can wait. Pete
  6. PeteDee

    Will the new 7" Acer Iconia have GPS?

    What seems to be the problem, my A500 GPS works just fine. Pete
  7. PeteDee

    ASUS Eee Pad Slider Likely Coming in September; Specs Fully Revealed

    But seriously folks, why are any tablets coming out with a freaking keyboard? JUST SAY NO!!!
  8. PeteDee

    Anyone have any top apps to download after rooting tf android 3.2?

    Depends, what do you want to do? Music, photo, mapping, GPS, games, productivity? Cheers. Pete
  9. PeteDee

    Honeycomb 3.0 Multi Tasking Question

    Yes but from what I understand you don't need to kill tasks usually, it will probably use more power and resources if you do. Pete
  10. PeteDee

    Acer content folder error

    Davis you? I guess that is a Scottish thing, care to explain? Cheers. Pete
  11. PeteDee

    Bluetooth range with headphones

    I have a set of Plantronics headphones and get good range from them, no difference between Galaxy S and A500. Pete
  12. PeteDee

    Motorola Xoom Vs Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vs iPad 2

    You missed the Acer A500, better than all of those. Pete
  13. PeteDee

    Acer A500 - problem with HDMI port

    All my cables have worked just fine, sorry to hear you are having problems guys. Pete
  14. PeteDee

    Battery replacement: potential differentiator?

    I am not that worried to be honest, will be a year or two before it might become a problem, I am sure there will be replacements available by then. Personally I have an extra two years warranty anyway. I bought an Acer A500 2 1/2 months ago and would still buy the same tablet today, I would not...
  15. PeteDee

    [Editorial] Intellectual Property Wars; "The No-Win Scenario"

    I am just so pleased that Apple is not a car maker, I am sure no other car maker would be allowed to use a steering wheel or rubber tires or have glass for windows or headlights or gears or seats and they would then build in limitations into their own designs so that only the owner could ever...
  16. PeteDee

    android and marine nav systems???

    I am using OziExplorer for land based mapping but you can add your own maps/charts. Brilliant software. Pete
  17. PeteDee

    Android 3.1 ... still honeycomb?

    What program?
  18. PeteDee

    Honeycomb 3.1 and Facebook, when????

    The Facebook app works on my HC 3.1 tablet, what problem are you having? Pete
  19. PeteDee

    Netbook or Android tablet?

    Can't agree, my 12 inch netbook is way more powerful than my tablet and can do much more. I want my tablet to be a tablet and not to be both. Pete
  20. PeteDee

    Toshiba thrive vs Acer A500 vs Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Well yes they are, thanks for asking. Not everyone is connected to the net all the time, where I live I am often not connected and I want to wtch a movie, thumbdrives and extra storage make it easy. Pete