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  1. tp76

    "Ice Cream Sandwich" Android 4.0 Slated For October Release

    With the iPhone 5 strongly rumored to drop in either September or October, it seems as though Google has loaded up their cannons to return fire at Apple with their highly anticipated Android 4.0 update, dubbed “Ice Cream Sandwich.” First announced at Google I/O 2011, there is still a...
  2. tp76

    IMDB App now Optimized for Honeycomb

    The Internet Movie Database Application, has been officially updated and optimized for Honeycomb Market Link
  3. tp76

    Google+ App [Inverted]

    Thanks to thebowers and ecsnead69 on Droid Forums for this Inversion Be sure to visit the Original Thread and say thanks for the hard work Download
  4. tp76

    Facebook v1.6 [Inverted]

    Here is Facebook v1.6 which was pulled from the Market for Honeycomb users - Inverted by thebowers and Devildog8791 from Droid Forums It seems to be working fine on my Xoom, even the widget - but the widget is still white on white, as soon as a fix is released I will update the thread ;)...
  5. tp76

    [Download] Cut the Rope for Android

    We've been waiting for this one for awhile and it's finally here - cut the rope for android, a terribly addicting game download from GetJar and let us know what you think Source Droid-Life
  6. tp76

    Folder Organizer [Fully Optimized]

    The newest release of Folder Organizer has brought full Honeycomb Optimization which includes multiple scrolling columns on a single screen, scrollable folders and widgets ...oh and did we mention the widgets are resizeable Give it a test and let us know what you think...
  7. tp76

    Welcome to the linuxboxsolution development section

    Welcome everybody to the linuxboxsolution area of and welcome linuxboxsolution to the Dev Team, developing for the Gtab, x5a, and the Herotab M10 We are excited to have you on board and look forward to what you have in store for us :cool:
  8. tp76

    [Anime] Crunchy Roll - App

    Found this app while browsing crunchy roll on my Xoom browser Stream Anime legally for FREE Watch Japanese anime and Asian Drama videos! Videos are subtitled in English. Almost all episodes FREE over WiFi (except the most recent episode per show)! The most recent episode...
  9. tp76

    PS3 Fanatics - We're looking for you

    We are reviving a Forum Foundry Site dedicated exclusively to the PS3 - So if you love the way we do things on this board and love your PS3 come join us on PS3 Chat We are looking for moderators, news writers, game critics, online players, and great members alike If you are interested in...
  10. tp76

    Inverted Dropbox

    Inverted by Devildog8791 from Droid Forums Signed and ready for install Dropbox v1.1.3
  11. tp76

    Fede's Music App Alpha 4

    We all know Fede, maker of Launcher Pro well his long awaited Music App is almost ready - test the Alpha 4 today Changelog and Download Link
  12. tp76

    Evernote for Android v.3.1 Beta 1

    Big news! The first beta of Evernote 3.1 for Android is ready for download "Tablet users behold! We've redesigned the user interface specifically for large format devices. If you were lucky to pass by our booth at Google IO you may have seen a preview. Evernote for Android will work both...
  13. tp76

    Best Buy prepares for Galaxy Tab 10.1's arrival

    It seems the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has gone live on, slated for a June 8th release this is just one step closer :) Anyone picking this up on release day ? Source:Android Central
  14. tp76

    SyncSMS - Texting from your Tab

    SyncSMS lets you sync your text messages between your Android phone and 3G or WiFi-only Android tablet. This app lets you receive text messages on your tablet which have been received by or sent from your phone. Also, this app lets you compose text messages on your tablet which will be copied to...
  15. tp76

    SyncSMS - Texting from your Tab

  16. tp76

    make calls! Groove IP app for google voice

    This app, in conjunction with Google Voice, lets you make unlimited calls to any phone in US or Canada using the data connection of your mobile device without using up any of your mobile minutes! Once you get a free public phone number from Google Voice, you can use this app to...
  17. tp76

    Chord [Guitar Chord Finder]

    Unlike most of the other apps, it generates chords diagrams, so it supports any chord. You can hear how each diagram sounds by sweeping your finger across the strings The diagrams are displayed in color and you can view stats about the current fingering. The app also fully supports...
  18. tp76

    Torque [ODB Check] Application

    Measure vehicle performance Find faults and reset them View data in Google Earth See what your car is doing in realtime, get fault codes, sensor data and more! An OBD II engine ECU diagnostics tool that uses a cheap bluetooth ELM/OBD adapter to connect to your car OBD2 engine management...
  19. tp76

    TuneIn Radio

    Browse and listen to radio -- live, local and global. Listen live to your favorite radio stations, DJs and programs and find new ones on local, global and Internet radio. Find your faves with over 50,000 channels of music, sports, news, podcasts and national networks Market Link For...
  20. tp76

    Evo 2 console will be like an Android-powered Xbox

    Envizions creation is called the Evo 2, but it's not a smartphone. It's an Android Powered set-top box that connects to your TV for one purpose, video games. Its appeal is in the open quality of Android. "Evo 2 is an open console and gamers can modify any part of the system," described...