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    [ROM] tri_zet IDEOS_S7 Slim Mod

    Anybody can try HDMI if is working on his S7_trzmod-v3 ROM? On my S7 Slim tablet and S7_trzmod-v3 HDMI is not working :(
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    New Rom--Simlified Edition of Zmey Mod from Belarus!

    so can anybody past his experience from this ROM? Is it good? Is it better to install this over S7_trzmod-v3 ? Thanks 2 all
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    [ROM] tri_zet IDEOS_S7 Slim Mod

    Hello when will by new official tri_zet release out? Thx
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    [ROM] tri_zet IDEOS_S7 Slim Mod

    any new version of this gr8 FW coming soon ? :confused:
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    [ROM] Indonesian Android 2.2.2 for Dual-Camera S7 S7v100R001C98B021

    You cen simply install this custom ROM on your device. You dont need to find exactly "S7V100R001C61B010 " version. You can install any firmware from any region for your S7.
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    [ROM] joenilan Ideos S7 Froyo Stable - (Android 2.2.2)

    Any new version coming soon ? :)
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    problems with wi-fi after rom upgrade

    Dont forgot to write manual for that ;) Will be nice to know how to do it...
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    Huawei S7 - connecting USB external hard disc or flash memory

    If i cannot see after connecting usb disk to S7 anything in : dmesg , i have wrong cable? Or where can be problem ? I cannot see my USB :(
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    problems with wi-fi after rom upgrade

    just write back if it helps. THX
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    S7 Battery - Extended Battery

    also interested question for me.
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    Excellent new case for Huawei S7 - NO COMPROMISE, TAILOR MADE!

    Going lower...(21.88 shipped) Black Stand Leather Case For HUAWEI IDEOS S7 Smakit | eBay
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    video output capability

    any news about cable ? :)
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    Save the battery

    i got some device and some problem. I dont thing you can help your battery life even more as you did already. Dont forget screen take from your battery more than 80% ! so low brightness is biggest save battery ever.
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    problems with wi-fi after rom upgrade

    Can you root your device ? If yes maybe you can upload this file to your /system/bin/ - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! .... it help my last time PS: Dont forget to overwrite OLD one. And MAKE ALWAYS BACKUP !
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    Save BATTERY - ScreenDimmer

    I have not original Huawei. I have : Huawei Ideos S7 Upgrade - V 0.3 - tri_zet
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    Working connection to ADHOC

    Hello all , i just get working adhoc on my S7-105 so here is short manual how to do it :D unzip the attached file to a work directory on your computer. adb shell mount -o remount rw /system adb push wpa_supplicant.infrastructure /system/bin adb push wpa_supplicant.adhoc /system/bin adb push...
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    Save BATTERY - ScreenDimmer

    No way, in settings is just : "screen timeout" After that your Tablet is locked and you cannot see anything on display. That sux when you waiting for something.
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    Save BATTERY - ScreenDimmer

    Hello all, I have idea how to save more battery but i cannot find out any software for android to use this purpose. On my iphone I am using : ScreenDimmer Dims Your iPhone Screen, Saves Battery Life | Software is very nice and simple : After 15sec soft automatically dim...
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    Ideos s7 and skype

    Skype already have video call in Android, it is working. BAD is video work just from back camera :(