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    Can anyone please confirm whether the latest firmware is for Haipad 701-R or not?

    Hi, ???? Can anyone please confirm if the above URL which talks about an updated 2.3 Android is for Haipad 701-R or not?
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    Are there any recent updates available for Haipad M701-R. I am confused?

    When i visited the haipad's website yesterday, i found so many 2.3 based updates available for download. But i have no idea as to which one is available for 701-R. Please help!
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    Has anyone figured out any solution to the ad hoc connection problem?

    Hi. I have posted this query multiple times and i haven't received any proper response from any of the experienced guys out here. Just requesting you guys to please help! Just because i don't have a router, i am unable to access internet on my haipad. The best i can do is create an ad-hoc...
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    How to install Android market on Haipad 701-R with Android 2.2 upgraded?

    Hi, I recently upgraded the haipad 701-r to android 2.2 from But Android market is missing. So any help on how to install the same would be highly appreciated. -Majrul
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    How to enable support for Ad-Hoc network on Haipad tablet?

    Hi, Well probably i know the solution, modify wpa_supplicant.conf file, add an entry for the ad-hoc network created and you can then connect to it. But this is very static in nature. Tomorrow if am in a different place and need to connect to some different ad-hoc network i wont be able to do it...
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    [HOWTO] How to upgrade the Haipad 701-R firmware using Windows 7?

    Hi, By any chance is there any possibility of upgrading the firmware using Windows 7. I don't have Windows XP.
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    How to change the volume while watching videos using YouTube?

    Hi. Since there is no button to change the volume on HaiPad M701-R 2.1 Tablet, the only way to change the volume is from the status bar. But while running applications like YouTube and RockPlayer, the only way to adjust the volume is to go back to the home screen or till the status bar is...
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    Hi. Anyone as to how can we change the resolution on our 7 inch Tablets?

    Hi, I bought a new HaiPad 701-R tablet and everything is working smoothly. But the current resolution and font size doesn't fits enough on a single screen. So if any input with regards to how can the resolution or icon size or overall font size can be changed would be great. The tablet is...