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  1. sopranosv

    Bluetooth headset working on Acer Iconia A500

    Maybe it would be a good idea to keep a thread with all Bluetooth headsets that are working on our tablets. Right now I'm using the Jabra Wave and they are working just great. Tested: - Skype OK - Play Music OK - mVideoPlayer OK - aUpeo OK - YouTube (on Browser) OK Sent from my A500 using Tapatalk
  2. sopranosv

    Post-update annoying clicking sound,even with sound volume 0

    Well, if I go to Settings/Language & Input (under Personal), then under Keyboard & Input Methods I locate Android Keyboard and click at the far right (click on something that looks like some sort of equalizer icon). Now you will have a new menu, where you select the first option which is Input...
  3. sopranosv

    Post Upgrade: Kudos and Komplaints? simple as it may sound, what I´m liking a lot is that now when playing music and locking the screen, there is the option to control your music from the locked screen...
  4. sopranosv

    New Acer Owner Joining The Ranks!

    Welcome home Ami...welcome home...
  5. sopranosv

    f@!"¥#:'kin Acer

    Well...thank I need to go get a real Ice Cream...thinking about getting both... ;)
  6. sopranosv

    Plugging USB Passport hard drive

    Yeap...the ability to read NTFS got solved with a Honeycomb minor update...
  7. sopranosv

    Sound trouble A500

    Did you run any sort of update? Newly installed apps? I would go for a hardware issue, but sometimes software might be the one to check.
  8. sopranosv

    Sync music from pc to tab

    It all depends on what you want to sync. If it is only some of your music that you want to move to your tablet, then I would suggest to stick the SD directly to your laptop/PC (with an adapter) and then copy your music to a "MUSIC" folder in it. If you want to sync some of your playlists, then...
  9. sopranosv

    Using Calendar on tablet

    Well, the first use of a Google account is to download new apps to your tablet. As far as calendar, I'm pretty sure you can use your calendar in the tablet without the need of having a Google account, but in my case I always sync my calendar to Google so it can be synced to my iPhone and...
  10. sopranosv

    Using the SD Card

    Basically you can move any content from internal to external SD card, including downloaded apks, but you can not instal apps to the external least not in Honeycomb or ICS OS Sent from my A500 using Tapatalk
  11. sopranosv

    Favorite Android Games???

    9MM, not exclusively Android though...
  12. sopranosv

    f@!"¥#:'kin Acer

    I think it is better to receive an stable update than just receiving one just because you want to...please don´t be mad at the Mayans when you realize that the world will not end in 2012...
  13. sopranosv

    Accounts and Sync on Coby 7022

    Which Android version is your Coby running? If you go to Accounts & Settings you must find the options...
  14. sopranosv

    Advertisements in Free Apps Costs You Battery Life

    Great info it is time to asses the apps in my Iconia. BTW...what about a test on such apps like Angry Birds with WiFi off? I mean, as I understand almost all (if not all) the processes running while playing need a channel to be will not run...
  15. sopranosv

    Acer Iconia A500 Now Has Root: Full root for A500 ICS 4.0.3[LEAK]

    I think is worth mentioning that is limited to: "For firmware: Acer_AV041_A500_0.022.00_WW_GEN1. Acer_AV041_A500_0.019.00_WW_GEN1 Acer_AV041_A500_0.014.00_WW_GEN1 Acer_AV041_A500_0.009.00_WW_GEN1" ...according to the original posting XDA...
  16. sopranosv

    A500 4.01 ICS update happened this morning!!!!!!!!!!!! mine got it's update, but can't run it because the battery is almost dead and I forgot the charger at home...AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH BTW...I'm in El Salvador, Central America and mine is GEN 2...
  17. sopranosv

    Upside down video fix?

    Have you tried Skype? Used it on Acer Iconia A500 and iPhone 4 without issues. Which tablet are you using?
  18. sopranosv

    Has anyone modified the batteries in these tablets?

    How much would the "final" price be after modifications? Why don't getting a little pricier one with all the "mods" already in place?
  19. sopranosv

    Android tablets: why does background move slightly when swiping?

    Ah...well...I like it...for me it creates a certain idea of movement, from one desktop to the other one...just tell your friend to keep the iPad
  20. sopranosv

    a500 poor wifi reception?

    Well I can tell you I've used my Iconia at home, the office, airports (El Salvador, Panama, Atlanta, Belize), hotels (Atlanta, Panama, Belize), Mc Donald's, shopping malls and haven't ever faced an issue...