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  1. Lannabulls

    External USB Hard Drives dont mount (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1)

    Thanks a lot for the answer! It is impossible to connect any hard drives or any other usb external devices directly cause both tablets, my old Asus and my new Samsung object of this thread, dont have an usb port. Usb external device could be connected trough an OTG cable, my otg cable is Canon...
  2. Lannabulls

    External USB Hard Drives dont mount (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1)

    Hi everybody, Trough a Canon OTG Connector (Power supply-usb) I try to connect to my Tablet "Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition" 2 different brand external usb hard drives, both 500 gb, one is USB 2.0, the other 3.0, and the tablet doesn't reconize them, they dont mount. I own both extrenal Hard...
  3. Lannabulls

    Jelly Bean, Flash Player Problems

    Thanks, i clean cache, clean system, i have an app that do that, i did cold boot, dafault browser still dont work, dont dislay flash contents. I dont have wifi connection at home soi i can connect to internet when i go out, yesterday i did it, i check setting for default browser and crome, they...
  4. Lannabulls

    Jelly Bean, Flash Player Problems

    Thanks a lot! Cause i read that jelly bean default browser is crome, what i would like to ask, sorry about the silly question, no experience! I got my tablet 2 months ago, it came with Ice Cream Sandwich and as defaul browser the one with the blu icon, "planet heart" icon, i think this is the...
  5. Lannabulls

    Jelly Bean, Flash Player Problems

    Asus transformer TF300TG Jelly bean 4.1.1 Got my tablet a couple of months ago with Ice cream Sandwich, the first app that i installed was flash player, via apk download from adobe web site Flash Player 11.1.for Android 4.0 ( This is the last update relized by Adobe. Flash was the...
  6. Lannabulls

    FPse for Android, Hide on screen controls

    Asus transformer TF300 TG Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Just installed the emulator, "FPse for android", it works fine. Install it to play some with my game pad for PS3, also my ps3 pad works great with usb and blethooth connection as well. Cuase i have the gamepad i dont need the controls that appears on...
  7. Lannabulls

    Jelly Bean, sync Gmail, conctacts dont work!

    Asus Transformer TF300TGJelly Bean 4.1.14 Days a go i received automatic update to , download, installed it, everything fine except for my Gmail syncronization. I Select my Gmail account from setting, the Accounts & Sync page and i got a Sync Error.My sync email has a red icon, click, open it...
  8. Lannabulls

    Automatic Update-Notification area

    Thank a lot!!!! Follow your suggestions, everything fine,, i'm downloading firmware update, hope i dont get any trouble, in case i will ask for help again, thankl again!!!!!
  9. Lannabulls

    Automatic Update-Notification area

    Asus transformer tf300tg Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich First of sorry about my poor written english!!!!! At home I dont have wifi connection (no signal), so i connect my tablet when i go out. 2 days ago i connect my tablet, i went in "setting" click the "fimware update button" to check for...
  10. Lannabulls

    USB Adapter- PS3 Game Pad

    Asus Transformer tf300tg Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich I dont have the dock station, so i bought the usb adapter "power connection-usb", not so easy to find it, look for in many shops, no one was selling it, i found in ebay and i bought, i got it a few days ago. I try to connect external...
  11. Lannabulls

    Crash Bandicoot PS1, NO Sound!

    Tablet Asus transformer tf300tg Android 4.0.3 ICS Just purchase from google play "FPse for android" emulator cause i would like to play some old play station games, PS1 was the only console that i ever own back so many years ago and i still have it with its games. I copy to my sd external card...
  12. Lannabulls

    Update to jelly bean

    Thank a lot! Finally i got internet connection As you suggested i check my android version, still 4.0.3 so ice Cream sandwich. I receive notification about firmware update, did it, everything fine, however I don't receive any advice about update From ice cream sandwich to jelly bean. What i have...
  13. Lannabulls

    How to get adobe Flash

    Thank for your link dload and help. My tablet is asus transformer tf300tg, what about files in swf extension? Which app i need to play swf? Adobe flash player is enough or i must install a specific app for swf? On my android 4.0.3 flash is now installed but i can not play swf file, i got a...
  14. Lannabulls

    Update to jelly bean

    Hi everybody, asus transformer pad tf300tg android 4.0.3 Cream Sandwich a few days ago i received as present an asus transformer, my first tablet ever so no expereince at all!!!!!!! I dont have internet conection jet, purchase some in a few days, so i connect just once in a free spot. How it...
  15. Lannabulls

    Swf and html files-Asus Transformer Pad TF300TG

    My tablet Asus Transformer Pad TF300TG android 4.0.3 I installed mx player, flash player 11 and crome, in crome i enable java. I can not read file "video" with swf and html extension, the player ask to download flash player and enable java, flash is already installed and java enable, can you...
  16. Lannabulls

    Mi first tablet ever!

    First of sorry about my poor written english and my beginner questions too, a few days ago i got as present an asus tablet, my first tablet ever, so basically i dont know any thing about this howsome world! My tablet Asus Transformer TF300TG android 4 I dont have a dock station and i must buy...