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  1. pafik

    SONY Z2 TAB. Test & screenshot.

    Benchmark test. Do you have any questions...!?
  2. pafik

    Xperia Tablet Z in safe mode

    Hi.. ! I see long time no one have answer . Here's with screenshots. 1. Press power baton. 2. LONG press - power off. 3. You will have a message on your screen. Have a nice fun. ! :rolleyes:
  3. pafik

    How Do You Like Your Sony Tablet Z?

    Hey... ! How do you like -> Sony Tablet Z, OS- 4.3. ?! Wath I dont like after update -> 1. When you hit power button ( long press ), SCREEN SHOTS - now is gone. Way... you token away that...??? :( 2. In display on top left corner, it was SHORTCUT - now is gone. First you attraction...
  4. pafik

    A Few Questions from a Prospective Buyer

    Hey.. - Species. Here you're answers... -> Yes.., you can - connect with tablet DLNA+, WI-FI, NFC, ore copy/transfer data, file - by microUSB cable,ore USBkey, microSD card(64gb) max ( I dont trying larger), and hard drive 500gb ( have) , and also you're - RAW/ARW=jpeg. file need instal a...
  5. pafik

    Xperia Z, Buy or Not?

    Hey.. ! Began yesterday in Belgium rollout update 4.2.2 for SGP - 311 direct from Sony server by wi-fi. During test, a i have be running in background livewallpaper and second user !!! Results is better than my first post.
  6. pafik

    Xperia Z, Buy or Not?

    Hi... edap. I give to you Sam example with benchmark from my tablet Z xperia...!!! The dont go farther.. because that was limit... !!! Were is'it you're google nexus 10.... ? :) I dont ewen see you're. Samsung 3 10 ..... ! :p :) You dont needed here explication...:rolleyes:
  7. pafik

    Xperia Z, Buy or Not?

    Hi... Angus66. ->> So, Sony’s Jelly Bean 4.2 upgrade for Xperia Z and Xperia ZL is well underway* – next up, Xperia ZR and Xperia Tablet Z will start receiving 4.2 from early August. Yesterday you probably saw Google announce the next version of Jelly Bean (Android 4.3) &#8211...
  8. pafik

    To case, or Naked? / Keyboard recommendations?

    Hi..., Droidboardr. Depends on you... ! Bath I will by case, it's easy to work when he is standing.
  9. pafik

    Xperia Z, Buy or Not?

    Sony Z Tab. <-- nice one, I like't, next month coming upgrades ->> 4.3 , well-be better... !!!
  10. pafik

    Is there any way to make Sony Xperia Tablet Z becomes a phone?

    Hi... Raynus.... ! Yes, you can do that. Instal -> MobileVOIP Even you can connect with you,r telefon ! Have a nace day.. !
  11. pafik

    Battery Life?

    Hi.. :-) My battery discharging from 100% to 3% non stop -> with GPSon, WIFIon, displai 65%, browsing internet, play games, download a loot wallpapers, instal and deliting program and play music...!!! There'is sam's pruf with image...! :-)
  12. pafik

    Which Android tablet to get?

    Hi icecream, - if you wont a goode 1 ....?! Go there - > Acer Iconia A1-810 outted, takes aim at the iPad Mini
  13. pafik

    A510 won't charge

    Hi - Vadertime. Conekt with a tablet and Tri to toch the kabel evri-were, if you see began chargen..., you are found problem like myne.... :)
  14. pafik

    Acer Iconia Tab A510 Specs

    microUSB -> support all conection and transfer data ....... !!! :rolleyes::cool:
  15. pafik

    Welcome to the Acer Iconia Tab A510 Forum

    Here sam deferent test GLBench... 2.5 -> all asus and samsung tablet, in the end there is my resultat -> a510 acer. 4 3 2 1
  16. pafik

    Tethering problem with iphone 3gs

    Hi -> williedeal. you have to traid -> wifi file transfer shuld'be help for you or for ani one... to conect with ios ! :)
  17. pafik

    Camera Topics

    In the begin Acer showed new tablet with the flash, thes one -> and after it they begin to sell completely different and i feel strange about it ->
  18. pafik

    Please tell me how you like your A510.

    Hi - Williedeal. I tried transfer data with ipad 2, bluetooth isnt compatible , i dont think you can with IOS, sorry , i cant help with that.
  19. pafik

    Please tell me how you like your A510.

    Hi... , ther is my resultat..... 1. Colors of the screen - 8.5:) 2. Ring - 8.5:( 3. OS ICS-4.0.3 - 9:) 4. Printer - 9:) 5. microfon - 9:) 6. micro usb on the botom - 7.5:confused::( 7. Speed...
  20. pafik

    Welcome to the Acer Iconia Tab A510 Forum

    And ipad2 -> is slower dan me.... ! :p:rolleyes: